How to hold hands right.

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  1. Many of you already know how to hold hands. But what about stepping it up a notch. Want to bring that extra spark in your life, forget the Cialis, and head instead for the moisturiser. Now that your hands are nice and supple, pay attention this is important, grab her hand with yours and interlock fingers this is called "the proffessional" and is the most difficult to master. Now that your holding her hand, bring it to your mouth and bite it and hold, you can walk around the town like this its called "the dissobedient dog". Now that her hand is nice and bruised, (girls love when you bruise them) her hand should be wet *wink wink* blow on it, the cold air will give her an orgasm for sure. If your into weed and jager bombs then you will undoubtedly just not understand and might possibly feel the need to comment.
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    Great guide my man
  3. Man you start the worst threads. No disrespect but your thread challenged or sumthin.

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    I love you, man!
  5. Awesome thread dude!!!

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