How to hide your fingerprints?

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny Cash, May 14, 2011.

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  1. First of all, I'm not going to commit a crime. Here's my story:

    My sister went to get her passport renewed the other day and told me she had to give the people her fingerprint. I'm going to have to get it renewed soon as well and I don't want my fingerprints in any kind of database.
    I was planning on putting super glue on them, as I know some people do this when they load bullets into a gun so that the shells won't have their fingerprints on them.

    Does anyone know if this would work or can anybody suggest a different method?
  2. It depends on how ornery the people taking your prints are.

    When I got arrested, a bunch of my finger prints were unusable because of scars, etc. I was told that there were ways to lift my prints anyway (I wasn't told how, though).

    Frankly, I think they would notice the glue. Try some sandpaper.
  3. i seen a video where the guy uses pineapple to melt off his fingerprints.. I think there was something else too, but it didnt look too complicated, but i think its probly discomforting as fuck
  4. Cool thinking, I'm all for stick it to the man.

    However, if you travel outside the country, that would be a bad idea. It could mean your detainment, for days on end, till your embassy verify your identity, if, a big if, your fingerprint was verified.

    If you are lucky, when your fingerprint is scanned - with any type of glue on them - the print will come out FLAT and will more likely be rejected.
  5. I would tell you but it wouldn't be a secret anymore.


    Tip: Super glue does not work.
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    You know there's a reason they need things like that. Also, if you aren't planning on commiting a crime then it shouldn't matter, its a fingerprint not a damn micro chip
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  7. I'm willing to go through some pain for this.

    I do plan on traveling to the USA next year, does anyone know if they would actually check my finger prints on arrival?

    It's more of a matter of principle.
    Also, the Nazi's were able to round up Jews in my country very easily because we had a very detailed and accurate system of documenting things.
    If the shit ever hits the fan, and my country turns into a police state or something like WW2 happens again, I want to retain the possibility of joining the resistance.
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    Cheese grater.
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  9. I said pain, not disfigurement. :D
  10. Just cut both your hands off.

    You won't ever have to worry about fingerprints again.
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  11. Hi, I believe I could help you out with that. (see avatar)
  12. OR I could cut both your hands off and wear the skin.
    Do you have big hands?
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  13. [ame][/ame]
  14. surgical gloves + quick drying glue on fingertips

    oh nvm
  15. Doesn't work.
  16. I think they'd notice.

  17. you're saying you can get prints from someone wearing surgical gloves and quick drying glue on fingertips?
  18. No, I'm saying no one in their right mind would allow you to wear surgical gloves while going through the process of finger printing. :rolleyes:
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  19. thanks i had no idea that was the case
  20. So why would you even give that sort of advice?
    Not only that, but if you superglue your tips, it's going to come up as Flat/Invalid.

    Are you fucking with me kid? :mad:
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