how to hide the smell when you grow inside

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  1. i have a attic that i don't use and no body goes in to and when i have people over i don't want them to know im growing. The attic is 25 feet wide and 8 feet tall. it also has 3 vents(about the size of a large football helmet) that leads to outside. The attic's only opening is in the garage and has no openings in the house. i plan on growing 6 plants the plants will be green house arjan haze #1 and dna LA confidental indica. 3 of each im growing. How can i hide the smell.cost is not a problem.Thanks. this is a great site.
  2. Carbon scrubber/filter are brilliant, i couldnt do without them. Also an ionizer, i dont have one, but i'm sure someone will chime in.
  3. The links in the SIG above didn't work for me but then again when do these computer things.

    Get a carbon filter and some nice ventilation. There is a DIY in my SIG that I can say from first hand experience works well...
  4. do these completely get rid of the smell, i don't want it leaking through the wood and drywall and into my house. there are no openings from the attic tomy house they are just next to each other and share a roof
  5. They work but lets shift our focus...

    What are you doing for lights ? Have you done much reading around here ?
  6. thnks for the input bubbles and i have done some reading and i was thinking a 600w hps light. would this be a better idea like 3 smaller lights that surround the plant so light gets everywhere. do you have any other tips or good advice. i have done a little reading but just found my spot to grow so now i can realy focus on growing.
  7. Your attic is 25 feet wide and 8 feet tall? Do you mean like there is a slant to it or something? You want your grow space to be as close to the size of your grow as possible for ventilation purposes (plus you need walls to reflect the lights back). You want your exhaust fan (with the scrubber) be strong enough to be able to create an inward pressure inside the growroom. That way no air is escaping through any holes, rather it's being sucked into your growroom, and the only air going out has been carbon scrubbed. That should completely solve any smell problems you could have.

    What about temperature concerns? I know my attic gets to be like a million degrees in the summer..
  8. there is 3 vents in the attic(i don't think temperature will be a problem) and can you recommend a fan or ventilation system. and there is a slant and the attic is about 8 feet at it's tallest. i will try to put up pics tomorrow
  9. 3 vents that go where? They'd stink up wherever they blow.. Growing indoors you want to calculate the cubic feet in your grow area and have an exhaust fan that circulates your entire room at least once a minute. People growing in closets have their scrubbers filter the air 2-3 times a minute.
    So I'll assume your room is like 25 by 10 by 8 (with a slant to 0 like a triangle), that would be 25x10x8/2 = 1000 cubic feet of growing space... kind of huge. I don't know where you'd get a fan that big :)
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    going on the previous poster, there is people who grow over 50 plants in there basement and still manage to get fans to circulate there entire room so it is possible. dont go completley by me my grow box is 3x3x3 and have a carbon scrubber that works perfect. as for ligting i just have floros that dont works as well as all your fancy HPS, CFL crap but i cannot afford a 1000+ electrical bill. plus they get the job done fine especialy when your growing auto ak witch veg state is 7 days and get full yeild in about a month.

    EDIT: im not quite sure if you mentioned your growing style but dwc kicks ass. cheap as hell to make and work like a charm.
  11. bubbles thanks i appricate the help and im gonna measure soon and do you know if a 600w hps would be enough for 5 plants and how much would it raise the electric bill
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    NOONE knows the answer to this but if I was a betting man I would say

    600w = .6 KWH X .11 (my rate) X 24 hours X 30 (days in the AVG month)


    Things to consider, when you flower it will 12/12. Your rate may be MORE or LESS. Your rate is also a variable that changes for example peak maybe .13 and off peak maybe .07. Even though it says 600w odds are its not exactly 600w

    Don't forget FANS ...

    IMO I would get a tent or BOX of sorts, it will make it much easier to manage airflow, clean the air, and manage temps.

    Yes a 600w will do 5 SMALL to AVG size plants. I suggest flowering 4 and starting 8 :)
  13. how do i make a box to grow in and what do you mean flower 4 and start 8. i know what the 4 flowering is but what do you mean starting 8. i just bought some seeds, 5 seeds of ajans haze #1 feminiized and 6 seeds of LA confindental feminized.
  14. scratch that last question and can you make a list of the essentals for growing.
  15. If your growing in your attic with High Intensity lights you should be really fucking careful.

    The attic is the second most obvious place for growing inside. If there is a chopper flying around your neighbor hood looking for grows, and your attic is lit up even a little, they will get a search warrant.

    Its different with attics and basements because hot spots aren't near them in normal houses, so they don't need as much to get a search warrant.
  16. what if i build a grow box in the attic and only heat the grow box
  17. well its still heat bro, if they can find heat thru 4 feet of roof, 23 millimitres of box wont change anything. but then agian i dont think a 600w lamp with be enough heat to get a search warrent.
  18. well im growing only 5 plants and would a 250w be enough for 5 plants
  19. You need a large grow that will heat up the roof of your house for infra-red cameras to be able to detect it, much more commercial than a 600w HID. Consider this the human body, at rest, produces the equivalent of 120 watts of heat and up to 700 watts during heavy work. I'm sure a 600w will attract no attention from cops...they will notice odor and any light habitually blasting from your attic though just focus on those things.

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