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How to hide the smell of my bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanieI, May 8, 2011.

  1. What is the best way to hide the smell of a bowl?

    Put it in a pickle jar?
  2. sounds good
  3. looks like you answered your own question there buddy
  4. that should work, but if you're hiding the smell than a jar may not be your best option. Try just puttin in a snack bag in a sandwich bag with some dryer sheets in them.
  5. i know dryer sheets work, but I want it to be a neutral smell.
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    I Do this all the time and it works great
  7. Or you could just clean it..?
  8. My friend gave me the best advice for this:

    1) Wrap in a sandwich baggie
    2) Wrap in two dryer sheets
    3) Put whole thing in sock
    4) Stash it

    This may not work if your piece is too big, though.
  9. spray it with some body spray nobody will ever be suspicious if your room smells like body spray lol
  10. just put it in a sock or some cloth... itll absorb most of the smell
  11. mouthwash is another good trick you soak the bowl in a bowl of mouthwash for however long. makes it nice n minty :smoking:
  12. I keep it in a bag in my trunk. The bowl is small and will fit in a pickle jar.

    How does this sound:

    I keep it in a mesh sunglasses case. Put a sock around that. Put Dryer sheets around the sock. Put another sock around it?
  13. the case i got with mine from the head shop does a pretty good job, try checking your local store for some concealment items you might like.
  14. bowls really dont smell that much. put it in a sock in a drawer and youll be fine
  15. Mines very simple. I put it in a fabric googles case, mostly for protection, and put that inside a water bottle, like a re-usable one. I store 2 pieces, my weed, and my cigs it in and you can't smell a thing unless you literally pick it up and smell it, even then it's very faint. Went to a party last night and was just handing my pieces around to friends to use. Couple grams went through both of em, put em back in bottle in my back pack and you couldnt smell it at all. Didn't clean the bowls or anything and had 3 grams in the bottle too when I walk inside this morning and my mom couldn't smell a thing
  16. I wrap my little spoon up in a bandanna and it works great.

  17. sounds foolproof
  18. Give it to me
  19. My mother has no sense of smell and all of my other close family are tolerant.
  20. Umm maybe you should clean it..?

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