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  1. Hello everybody im planning on starting my first grow. I was planning on using 4 400watts hps light inside a grow tent(2m by 2m) and suing 6" intake fan connected to a carbon filter and vent the hot air in a room which is inside a room. Also insdie the room where i will vent the hot air i will br placing 2 air cooler.( 1 cooler has the power go cool down a room which 25sqrm

    What do you guys think is this a good idea or not
  2. I'd invest in a FLIR cam. The one I use is 250 dollars. It's a IR gun/cam combo.
    Basically a police helicopter can run a FLIR cam over your house to identify excessive heat signatures (why the fuck is that shed glowing white)
    From what I understand ( I by no means am an expert on inferred) They're looking for hot white signatures in unusual places. Like a basement for example. There is no reason for a concrete basement to be putting off similar signatures as if it was 97+ degrees.
    They also search for heat vents. Some people try to vent the excessive heat through their windows etc.
    All they have to do is fly over and spot that little white circle exhaust from their chopper to start a raid.
    I will send you pics from my FLIR cam when it finishes charging.
  3. [​IMG] here's an example of my FLIR cam. This is a total dark bathroom and yout see the only heat source is that pooch. I'm thinking about upgrading to the FLIR Scout III.
  4. You can run your exhaust threw a fish tank or pool depending upon how big of a grow and it helps with smell as well as a heat source from exhaust or fish pond
  5. Also Mylar blankets help reduce heat signatures
  6. Line your space with IR blocker. We lined all four walls and the ceiling with it. We run our lights at night but due to budget cuts, luckily we don't even have a drug-team or anything like that going on in the county where I live. Well, actually what happened was, the drug team that was working hard to win this "war on drugs" that we all know is a farce, was found to be stealing tons of items and money from the evidence room and pretty much were more crooked than the supposed criminals they were going out to raid and arrest. But, they all lost their jobs and the whole thing got disbanded. We haven't even had the state choppers fly for the last couple of years and even when they do, they don't scan or screen for infrared and heat signature. They can't get a warrant in our state from only a heat signature anyway, so it's pretty much a waste of their time.

    Instead of trying to run 4 lights in such a small space, why don't you go ahead and just get one large light and reflector/setup for the tent. A 2 x 2 meter tent is really only enough space to grow off about 6 plants or so and you can easily handle 6 plants with one 1000 watt hps lamp. They make lots of heat, but it won't be as bad as 4 400 waters crammed in there running at the same time and I would think your electrical draw would be less. We run 4 1000 watt hps to flower per room and I can easily flower 5 plants under one lamp and if I had to, could do 6. You just have to be careful about crowding them together and not giving them adequate space to allow the light to penetrate down into the plant so you get some decent growth from what would just be scud and underdeveloped plant from being shaded out. You can harvest more from one plant that is given good care and the absolute best environment and strongest light than you can by trying to grow 3 in the same amount of space. Give them room to breathe when you have them in flower...and really the whole way through it's better to give each plant adequate room to grow and spread like it wants. Now the better lighting you put them under, the better buds you're going to get...always, but I'm afraid you're going to have a MAJOR hard time dealing with all the heat 4 separate 400 watt fixtures will put off. TWW
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