How to hide bong smell?

Discussion in 'General' started by panflake, May 24, 2010.

  1. So I recently got a bong about a foot tall. How can I hide the smell I've only smoked out of it four times and I can smell it still after I empty it out and put the bowl in a seperate bag
  2. Use febreeze as bong water... Duuuh:p:p

    But for real, clean it out?:confused_2:
  3. i have the same size bong, well mine is a zong and its a foot maybe foot 1/2. i usually jus keep the water in it until it gets real dirty. But i put it up in closet and it lays down. Its made like that. Zong style and can lay n shit.. But yeeah.Mine doesnt smell that bad unless i keep it for dayss.
  4. lmfao you got that from stoner_lukas sig, right?!

    And clean it dude. Try 420 cleaner or something.

  5. No I honestly didn't see that.
  6. Try Krud Kutter, once you rinse it out well it'll
    be like as if you just bought it, I clean my friend's
    pipes sometimes and it amazes them.

    Dirty motherfuckas. Ha.
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  8. get a god damn air freshener, and royksopp i was thinkin the same damn thing

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