how to help the comedown off of E

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering what is good to take during the comedown on E. I hear there is a pill or something that helps replenish what was lost during the process. I tried smoking and it didnt really work.

  2. I've always found that smoking really helps the come down, coz it helps you sleep and gives u the munchies so u can eat E totally messes with ur appetite..
    But i guess maybe it doesnt work for everyone? works like a charm for me though ;)
    And ive never heard about any pill to help the come down..i guess something like xanax might help? but i'm not too sure..
  3. from what i have heard, i think you should trust this girls judgement Perfekt

    ADD: should prolly just stick to smoking, xanies should be saved for another time :D
  4. smoke some pot,thats helpd me a few times when i needed it from crashing too hard
  5. Smoking helps the comedown marginally. You gotta get either xanax, klonopins, or some opiate, like vicodin or percocet. Or just man it out, it's not too bad :D
  6. some ambian puts u to sleep u wont even be awake durin the comedown?
  7. I've never really noticed a hard comedown on E... It ain't bad at all.
  8. yea, i didnt do really heavy dose, but my comedown was minimal
  9. The supplement is called 5-HTP, its serotonin....Take like 200mg after you come down...It wont help ease the comedown tho dude, you're still gonna be all cracked out and e tarded, but it helps abunch once you wake up. Smoke tons of pot when coming down=the best.
  10. alright sounds good, my buddy and i got a little over an 1/8 rolled in a blunt so we should be set

  11. beer is the best. twelve pack of natty bottles will heal my rollout.
  12. nati is disgusting, have some respect for yourself and dont drink that crap :D
  13. i wish i did respect myself, but if im buying beer i got to go cheap man, otherwise i could never enter a bar if i spent money on good beer.
  14. last time when we weere coming down we split a mickeys and had like 3 joints and the comedown from e, the alcohol, and the pot mixed extremely well!

  15. I'm not a grannola or anything. But it works and it's all natural.

    Do not, however, try mixing with anti-depression pills!!! A buddy of mine tried that one morning and I had to call an ambulance. There is evidence that SSRIs (selective seratonin re-uptake inhibitors) found in these medications can help regulate the seratonin overflow and bring you down. But sometimes, it can turn it off. It's called seratonin syndome and it looks like hell. Severe cases can cause death. If your body is already dealing with e, give it a break and take this stuff. It's what vailium is made of. It smells aweful, but it's very mild.
  16. i hear ya man
  17. If you manage to get 5-htp, that will replenish your serotonin (to no immediatly noticeable effect tho). Weed makes you feel like your rollin again, so it helps to ease out the comedown and make it more gradual, also to increase appetite and drowsiness.
  18. The day of coming down, i LOVE subs, i get a sub from the corner store for like 3 bucks, best sub ive ever had..Carbohydrates are what you wanna try to eat, it replenishes what you deplete on E..Sleep is always nice..a bath/shower, My hottub is very nice too :D

    Greesy foods arent the greatest, its a lot for your stomache..Beer helps, usually we'll order a 12 of Canadian to replenish us :D
  19. ketamine helps the comedown and boosts the roll.

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