How To Have An OBE?

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  1. How do you have an out of body experience? Whats the easiest way to have one? Are there any techniques/tips? How souls I prep for it?
  2. Meditation is my favorite of all highs...good luck
  3. easiest way to do it would be smoke some dmt, or eat a bunch of shrooms. youll def have an OBE
  4. There are many threads on this already....just seach "astral projection" on here or on google and you will find all the basics you need.

    Prepare for many failures though, possibly for months or even years. Some get it their first few tries, others it takes forever.

    Or you could take the easy route and smoke dmt, which is an entirely different type of obe experience.

  5. i tried it like twice (not the DMT) and i only got as far as sleep paralysis

  6. That's a hell of a lot better than most people do on their first tries.

    If you got to the sleep paralysis stage that fast you will be doing it in no time. You are already 90% of the way there....
  7. if i were to take like melatonin or something like that would it help me even more?

  8. Hmmm, I don't know.

    The form of astral projection that can be learned by average people such as you and I is not true projection into the astral realm, but rather "mental wandering", sort of like an induced lucid dream state... Seeing as melatonin helps to make dreams more vivid I could see it helping, but honestly I've never heard of anyone using melatonin to help induce AP.... couldn't hurt that's for sure.
  9. i actually tried meditating at school (im in 12th grade and im 18 so dont bitch at me) during my english class and again i felt all the vibrations and then the fucking bell went off and distracted me! so close :cry:
  10. thabosshogg thats one long ass book but thanks bro!!

  11. Hehe your welcome. Sorry it's so long but I am an advocate of gaining a thorough understanding of these things so you do it right the first time...

    Most shorter amateur guides may help you get out of the body, but you will find it is hard to stay in the obe state for long, and to know what the hell is going on when in that state. I find learning it the correct way will give you far better results and allow you to really get what you want out of it.

  12. haha very true. i dont mind reading things like this, i mean i read the republic of plato when i was in 9th grade. it was annoying as hell. plus i read in the book that you linked me to was to like have your mind completely clear with no thoughts. i do that at school sometimes its like super easy.
  13. oh and do binaural beats work at all?
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    Im going to go try again right now ill update if i manage to do it

    update: i only got into the vibration stage again.
  15. Binaural beats help people sometimes. The only purpose any kind of music would serve is in helping you clear your mind and go into a relaxed trance-like state (which can be achieved simply by clearing your mind of all thoughts for a long period of time).
  16. just tried i only got to the vibration stage.
  17. What book did bosshog suggest?

    I definitely want to look into this too. I've gotten to the vibration stage, but I've also had several lucid dreams and a couple "waking dreams" where my dream and reality kind of merged. Never had an out of body experience though where I could remember like actually being outside of my body and looking at it. That's gotta be intense as fuck, lol

  18. he suggested this book
  19. Ty (both of you) :D

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