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How to grow in the cold winter

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by chronic_killa, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Does anyone on grasscity have any ideas or pics of growing cannabis in the outdoor canadian winter or just in the cold winter climate.
  2. i dont believe it is possible to grow outdoors in winter espically in Canada.
  3. your kidding me right?
    no outdoor for us in the winter.
  4. its not possible that i can build a greenhouse and throw in sum lowryders, and ive seen someone on OG who pulled off a grow in the winter, i think he was growing freezeland.
  5. MJ is an annual plant. It sprouts in the spring and dies in the autumn, setting seed for the generation to come next year.

    The timing for these processes is provided by the amount of daylight, increasing during the veg stage, and decreasing during flowering. So MJ just will not grow outdoors in the winter.

    You must wait till spring.
  6. :wave: Hi fellow Canadian here...... To answer your question it totally depends on where you live,and how much your willing to spend the first go around with building supplies and such. I live on Vancouver Island so we don't need much other than a green house and an orange tarp for budding :D I love vancouver island!

    But if you live back east expect to pay out some cash that first time,after that other than the trimming it's easy money.
    PS: Growing by clone is your only choice,by seed it'll be summer before your enjoy buds.

    How come people in the US think it's so damn cold here?
  7. I live in north eastern massachusetts and i still have 3 plants that need to finish up on flowing that are still outside. I was gonna bring them inside once they started to look unhealthy, but they are still green as hell and growing bud. I had this unknown strain growing late into last year too. Its crazy.

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