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How to get your parents to accept you as a stoner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShadowToker, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Well in short, on 4/19, i got busted for growing by my parents, and on 4/20 my dad found my beautiful bong, my papers, my pipe, and my 8g stash of dank purple kush.

    I've been talking to him a lot about the situation.

    I've convinced my parents I was growing hemp, and a whole ton of shit, that it interests me, whatever. Now they're pissed at me for breaking their trust and what not so I'm in pretty deep shit.

    To top it off, my dad talked to 3 of my friend's parents and essentially they shut me out. All he told them was that he knows i smoke or whatever, nothing about them.

    Anyways, i appreciate it if you're still reading. My bong and shit, my dad will let me sell it to someone, but he needs to see me sell it to them, but I'm planning to get a buddy to pretend to buy it and he will hand it back to me right afterwards. Good idea?

    The weed he threw out, but I'll buy some more, not to worry.

    Now. I've been talking to him about smoking and I've told him I've smoked 5 times since i started this February, when in reality, well, it's closer to 20.

    In school I'm maintaining an average floating around 90%.

    So I don't know. What can I say to get him to accept me as a frequent smoker (ie only on friday/saturday night). So far after pelting him with stuff from The Union and just general facts, the stand he takes is that it's better to just not do anything. To not smoke, to not drink (I don't drink and never have and don't have the intention to as long as I smoke).

    I've told him the newest research shows that it's not harmful (doesn't cause lung cancer, doesn't make you lazy, and doesn't cause brain damage) not to mention impossible to over dose on. His come back to that is research is always changing and that today they say one thing and tomorrow they'll say another thing.

    He's also trying to feed me that it can cause schizophrenia. From what I heard, it's said that schizophrenia needs to run in the family, and marijuana could set it off, and no one in my family has ever had a history of schizophrenia. To this he says that's it's not a family gene, that anyone could get it. But I don't know.

    Anyway he compares getting high to getting drunk, and that it's bad to get high/drunk every weekend. I'm trying to come up with something saying that getting high isn't as impairing as getting drunk, that you can still fully function.

    Speaking of drinking, I'm trying to say that if he can have a beer every other day then I can smoke once a week, but he says that the one beer he has doesn't do anything, he just drinks it because he comes home really hungry and the beer just calms his stomach down.

    I don't know. Help me out.

  2. Give it a couple years, it'll dawn on him. You're still new to the cannabis world and as time passes you will learn a lot more and with that you may defend your passion.
  3. Man that sucks 4/20 buzz kill but on 4/21 i got busted for having a lighter under my pillow so we are in the same boat

    I would be like "Ya know i could be in a gang right now smoking crack and beating up someone for money i could be out bing drinking with some disease ridden hobo and hell i could do alot worse things but just sitting at home doing my school work growing a bit weed smoking a bit of weed that doesnt even kill you is the safest thing ever... yah i could be doing all of that but instead im at home talking to you like a adult about have a beer once in a while and i have my weed can we have that agreement and settle this like men and not tell my freinds parents.
  4. Talk to him like an adult, know your facts, and give it time. :)
  5. well the best way to get him to understand that weed isn't bad is to have him try if he hasn't already but that may be hard
  6. My parents are like yours. Their both truely against it. I understand how they dont want me to become a druggie or anything(which i wont). My advice to you is just to keep good grades and smoke without them knowing. On 4/20 im pretty sure my mom knew I was high and knew when I went for another walk it was to get bud, but not to soon before she saw my grades which were all exceptionally well(all b's), so she probably just let it go. But she grew up with her sister smoking so that led her to be a little more open minded about it. My dad didnt grow up around it at all besides a few friends, and never tried it, so he's less accepting of it.
  7. I'm assuming you smoke in your home, so you must have interacted with your parents while you were baked. Obviously they didn't notice since they caught you growing not smoking. So tell him you've been high around him several times and he's never noticed, but I bet if you got drunk around him it would be pretty obvious.

    The simple solution to this, move out.

  8. ^^ It's true...despite the years. When I first started smoking I was pulled into the exact same shit. Family bs, argueing, etc...But after about 5-7 months I've learned sooooo much and I actually had a mind set to lay out for my parents. After a long ass talk I was eligible to smoke.

    Short terms: Learn alot of important facts and present them to your parents:cool:
  9. #9 Kevin08, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    I was in you same situation last year, like others said it just takes time. My parents finally realized that smoking really hasn't changed anything about me, they have actually said i have become more financially sound and mature since they found out i smoked on the reguiar. They don't want me smoking at home, but im moving out again soon anyways, but i still do it and they can smell it but don' say anything. They have seen how people who are caught suffer, especially kids in school because a drug charge means no financial aid, so i guess they have also realized how ridiculous the laws are, they are well educated. Don't throw stuff at them all at once, let it sink in and after a while, they'll realize you won't just stop, and they might do some research about it on their own, if they aren't already close minded on the subject.

    edit: you are 14??! BAN HAMMER! haha noob
  10. Well i was 90% through writing my response when my mom came in and took my laptop to save me from myself no doubt. Can't fucking wait for her and my dad to divorce so she can go live in her little Eutopia with my step father.

    Yeah even like a day after he found out he wasn't like screaming at me or anything, he was just not happy with it.

    As for how long I've been smoking, yeah it hasn't been a long time, but I knew my facts and shit about marijuana for a lot longer. The problem is speaking it you just want to shout everything at the same time. I ought to practise writing a speach so that i will know the key things i want to hit on.

    The 419 buzz kill was a lot worse.

    I really like that suggestion but the problem is my dad's belief is that it's better to do nothing. But honestly you can't. You can't experience the blissful high of that sweet sweet plant and not want to do it again.

    Another problem is he's ready to stop drinking if i don't smoke. I don't know, if he never really seriously get's drunk (not that I know of) I'd imagine it would be really easy for him to quit...

    Fucking retarded, he was in Amsterdam for a good 3 days and I don't think he's even tried it. Really? Amsterdam? Pot capital? And you didn't even TRY it? What a jip.

    Yeah that's something that develops over time. If over a year or so he knows I smoke and see's I'm maintaining my A's and A+'s, he could just accept it.

    Yesterday when I told him since February I've smoked 5 times (in reality I've smoked about 20) his immediate reaction was that I need help.

    I've smoked in my house once, but I've interracted with them COMPLETELY baked on several occasions. They only even notice when I come home burnt out. And then I make a shitty excuse of it being a long day or I was helping my friend with homework on the old tube computer monitors, the ones that make your eyes hurt.

    It's a good 4 years until I can move out to be honest. And there is no way I'm not smoking in the next 4 years.

    I'm 14 by the way.

    Yeah this sounds like the current plan for me. I'll remember certain dates where I interacted with them high, and bring those up.

    And I need to write a speach so i can formulate my thoughts into 1 stream.

    Thanks for the comments, I will gladly hear more :D
  11. forget trying to debate with him take a big puff of smoke and blow it in his face. maybe if he gets a contact high he will mellow out and just accept it lol

  12. Bye bye :wave:

    You're 14, follow your parents rules.
  13. This is the second underage thread in a row that I've read. I honestly don't give a fuck about how old you are, but at least be smart enough to SAY you're 18.
  14. I was there once! I'm 37 now and my dad finally accepts that is OK! He was so anti MJ growing up with all that reefer madness stuff! I've been smoking since I was 17 and I did good in school, have a college degree, have a great job, house, etc...I am successfull and once he saw I turned out OK even with smoking MJ, he now thinks it's cool. Hell I showed him my grow room last week and he was impressed, and laughed about it. It will take time, but if you can show him you can do it responsibly and get good grades, have a job, etc... he'll come around eventuallly. You sound like a good kid, good luck! :smoking:
  15. Haha rep+ for that

    Hey remember that old guy? Thomas Jefferson or whatever? He was like president of the United States of America or something? Nothing important or anything. Well he said this.

    If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.
  16. Agreed.

    But there is one flaw in your arguement, you aren't a man, you are still a boy, a child if you will.
  17. Oh shiz...I just saw your 14... Shouldn't be smoking IMHO...wait at least till your old enough to drive! lol...
  18. It's illegal to smoke Marijuana at any age. I'm generalizing this, ofcourse if you have a cannabis card or live where it is legal, you still need to be 18.

    I'm 14, I live in Canada, and I'm not an official marijuana patient (it does help me sleep), so it is illegal regardless of what age I am.

    Thanks a ton, the fact that yesterday he said he needs to accept the fact that I will smoke "once a year" if he likes it or not indicates that with time and progress he will realize infact that it isn't all it's said to be.

    I'll start driving in a year. Marijuana wise, nothing i going to change from now to then.

    Has anyone ever told you that you should be a comedian? I know many people who would pay great money to hear such incredible humour.

  19. You need to be 18 or older to be on this forum :wave:
  20. It depends on your personality.

    One day I just came home with a bong in my hand and said "Hey mom look, im hittin this shit in the bathroom"

    She was like wtf??

    But i kept my cool, acted like it wasnt a big deal, i guess she just caught up. My father was a little more of a challenge but I always have something to say to his remarks to where he shuts up. Its weird.

    Now they dont give a shit. I'm just trying to smoke a blunt with my dad while horseback riding.

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