How To Get Weed Through Airport Security?

Discussion in 'General' started by vapordank420, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. Hey fellow tokers, im going to Reno for a week or so, and im taking a plane. And i would really like to bring my medication. And im looking for a way to get an eighth or so across airport security, ive heard of other people trying it with success. so i decided to give it a go. Im not really worried about smell because Ill be flying domestically so their shouldn't be any dogs to worry about. If i were to do it  though i would fill a couple small baggies with a small amount of green and stick them in a sharpie marker and put it in a pencil case with some other pens and pencils in my checked luggage. would that work? any response would be appreciated.

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    Just because it's a domestic flight doesn't mean you won't see any dogs. Chances are, you can score some bud in Reno. Why risk missing the trip all together, getting charges against you and possibly spending some time in a federal holding just to bring some bud along? You could even be banned from flying at all in the US. Sounds like a REALLY stupid idea to me, but that's just my opinion.

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  3. stupid as fuck... if you have to, hollow out some soap. YouTube videos on how to do it
  4. TSA does not look for drugs.  They are there for security reasons.  It is up to the individual TSA agent to decide what to do if they find it.  Put it in your check bag.  if not checking a bag, well check one.  They do not screen check bags for drugs on a non international flight.  I have done it every time I have flown since 9/11.  I even brought back a quarter and 5 grams of bho my last trip to CO.  Also remember if you are in a legal state you are breaking no law until you land in another state.  Which I guarantee they don't have the $ or personel to check again at your destination.  That makes no sense.  Easiest way is to bring concentrates.  Most people wouldn't even know what they are looking at.  I have also had the "random" bag search done when flying with weed.  They blue zip tie your bag shut with a pamphlet on the inside explaining the procedure.  Well my pipe and bag were also laid on top my clothes with the pamphlet.
  5. they don't check for drugs on checked bags?
    But don't they have to follow some protocol to check it in some ways like weapons and all that crap?
    They don't look for drugs at the security gate but they do that drug swab on your hands or clothes if they think your suspicious.
  6. For cryin out loud stop being so paranoid. I keep my 8th in a smell proof medication bottle. Stick it in the middle of my clothes and I have never had a problem. If you are traveling with kilos, then you gonna get popped. But airport security will not sweat an 8th. You cannot hijack a plane with an 8th of weed. Airport security is looking for weapons and bombs or LARGE drug quanities.
  7. For a fuckin 8th of weed? That's dillusional thinking my friend.
  8. Yes they do.  Most use machines that detect explosives, and, or gun powder.  Most airports don't send checked luggage through an x-ray anymore.  redditt had an "ask me anything" that had a tsa from D.I.A. and he also said it is not even an issue.  That is about the last thing they are looking for.
    This thread confirms how I thought it would be.
    Could you please give me that link for the reddit thread if you have it?
  10. For your checked or carry on?
    mind telling me which states?
  11. No I don't.  It was like a year ago.  Trust me though it is no big deal.  before 9/11 I used to fly qp's on my person.  Big ass ski jacket.  After 9/11 I stick to the check in.  I have been to Wisconsin, CA, CO. FL. Vegas, and multiples of those destinations and flew with weed every time.  I fly at least twice a year, and have never had a problem.  Many other states as well.  Check in is key.
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    Either. And any state. Yes, even Texas and Florida.....
    Nevada has decrimalized med. mj. Reno aint gonna give a damn.
    I have brought quarter ozs on amtrack and greyhound too. Never had a problem.
  13. Cool deal my man.
    I have heard on buses like greyhound drug dogs are a possibility though.  I think it depends on the location.  Especially NY area, trains and subways around there too.
  14. yes but I have heard that the authorities are now training thier dogs to ignore marijuana. Ok, maybe if its a strong smell that is kilos or something, yes, but an 8th will get ignored.
  15. Even better.
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