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How to get weed in the middle of the night?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jcal123, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Im with 2 of my bros and we ran out of weed. We all called our dealers and none of them picked up. Any recommendations in how to go about getting some?
  2. Good luck. I'd say a bar or something might work.
  3. Wait till one of the dealers picks up or calls back.
  4. go for the stash you have hidden in your sphincter
  5. whoops fucking auto correct... i meant keep calling.
  6. joke...I was lookin for solder and tools the other day and there's a bunch of people slangin on Craigslist...If you're that determined to get herb check it out,might be sketchy but take a knife or somethin just in case
  7. Poor advanced planning skills. You are deserving of your dryness.
  8. LMFAO @ using craiglist. That is NOT a good idea hahahaha.

    OP you're outta luck unless one of your dealers pick up.
  9. Get a reliable dealer. Most of the time, weed is sold at night. At least where I come from. :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"RollingStoned32"']LMFAO @ using craiglist. That is NOT a good idea hahahaha.

    OP you're outta luck unless one of your dealers pick up.[/quote]

    Hey man he was desperate enough to come here and post about it,maybe he's down....haha I definitely think its a bad idea but he's not me
  11. just go to mcdonalds and ask someone.
  12. Haha gotcha.
  13. go downtown and ask infront of homeless shelters, look for popular srteet hang outs
  14. [quote name='"CannabisCoprse"']go downtown and ask infront of homeless shelters[/quote]

    Why?! I lol'd. Has this worked for you? I mean....I wouldn't even have thought....
  15. This what I do.

    I go up to a crowd of gentleman infront of said "Project's".

    These men usually are sipping on fine champagne (40's).

    I ask, "Yo homeboy I just came from the suburbs you got drugs man?"

  16. hit me up
  17. Buy in quantity like a pro
  18. Define "middle of the night" dude. Call friends and get a number. As for spots you know your area better then me, places like downtown, nightclubs, bus/city train stations

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