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How to get the resin out of my glass pipe?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by henro, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. So I wanna get the resin out of my pipe because I heard you can smoke that shit. Can someone tell me how to do this? I have a standard glass spoon with a medium bowl.
  2. pretty greasy dude.. it's mostly tar you know.

    Paper clips work well b/c you can bend them any way you want.. it's a pretty messy job as the resin sticks to everything..
  3. If your using it to smoke, which i i cannot stress enought that you should not do it heat it paperclip it

    Or to clean it shiny new all you do is put salt and high% isopropyl alcohol:hello:
  4. Yeah, I wasn't that motivated anyway. I'll just smoke some more weed.
  5. Topic's been done before hundreds of times, but what the hell. Here's my method:

    Fill a tuppeware container or zip-loc bag or something with hot water. Pour in some rubbing alcohol and a shit-ton of salt (and I mean lots of it, you want the water to be completely saturated in salt, enough that there's a decent amount of salt sitting on the bottom). Throw your piece in the container and seal the lid. Shake every ten minutes for at least an hour, and leave it to soak overnight, if possible. The resin will eventually loosen up and you'll be able to wipe it off with a q-tip.

    Oh wow, I just realized you intend on smoking the resin. Well in that case my method won't work unless you want salty resin. Well I spent five minutes typing it so I might as well post it anyway... :/
  6. soak your bowl in high percentage isopropyl alcohol, i like to get some inside the piece and cover all the holes and shake well. you will have a nasty looking brown alcohol mixture with solids in it, and just wait for all the alcohol to evaporate, then roll the resin into a ball. yes resin is pretty gross and not very good for you, but hey if you got no weed, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  7. I use a poker. I usually boil the pipe afterwards to reach those hard to reach places. Boil in water that is, cuz im thinking thc isnt water soluble so. But whatever. :D

    Happy Steve.:smoking:
  8. if you want to get the resin out of your pipe boil some water on the stove. then go and hold you pipe over the steam for like 10-15 seconds, not too long or there will be nasty brown resin water dripping out. then get a paper clip and straighten it out, but make a little loop at the end. then go through the carb hole and just collect the resin on the loop and pull it out through the carb. just collect the resin and once finished roll into a ball.
  9. Personally, Why would you EVER think of smoking resin when you have weed/money to get weed. I would rather spend my hard earned money on a gram of some nice buds than smoke that shit. I have done it many times out of desperation, but you can feel how bad it is for you, smoke abongbowl and you'll feel like you have a coating of slime over your throat. If you're gonna smoke it, dry it up so its not all wet and disgusting, and at least try to get something else to mix it with. I would never want to smoke resin out of a spoon though, i'd much rather rip it out of a bong. I got a question though, anyone ever try Vaporizing some resin? Maybe that would save your lungs?
  10. resins no good, better you just dont smoke until you can score more
  11. 90+% iso alcohol and rock salt.

    Edot: Sorry, you wont be able to smoke the resin if you use this method, I don't know why you would want to poison yourself like that anyway.
  12. either use an unbent paper clip

    or if you wanna take a long time, soak your piece in a sealable sandwich bag, with your piece covered in only rubbing alcohol (at least 90%) and let it soak all day, shaking it around and swishing the iso around every hour or so, don't open the bag. when this is done, your pipe will be clean as new, and you will have a bunch of brown rubbing alcohol left over. Let this evaporate in the same way you would to get hash. dump out all the nasty brown alcohol into something like a casserole dish, it can take up to 5 days to evaporate, but once it's dry, scrape it up with a razer blade and youll have some really good resin.
  13. i like how everyone hates on resin.i smoke lot of resin and i get higher from resi then dank
  14. I only smoke resin when I'm out of bud, and money. it works, but not as well in my opinion.

  15. i've vaporized resin. it works well.
  16. Pour a nice tall glass of denatured alcohol solvent, add some salt if you (silly though cause it doesn't actually dissolve into the alcohol. People just use it to shake around in the pipe w/ the alcohol as it aids in some corrosive assistance. Not too good for your glass though. Let it soak over night (be sure to cover it to avoid fire hazards) and then run water through it. I either take it to my hose outside or disconnect my shower head from it's hose and just plug the bowl or carb with the water hose, the resin rushes out the other side. If you have other glass, it is the quickest and easiest method, just be sure to let that water exit the pipe into an area that wont have a problem with a lot of resin! It all comes out pretty quick and almost at once. Change the hole you stuff with the hole around and open and close the carbs to force the water to move around the glass in different ways and really clear it out.

    If you know a glass blower, give them your pipe and they can toss it in an annealer ramp it up and ramp it down if they have a shitty one lying around. It smells terrible and makes a smokey mess, but its another quick and easy method.

    Good luck!
  17. You sir... deserves my respect, you made my night! :D
  18. Boil some water on the stove, just enough to submerge the pipe. Put the pipe in for about a minute or so, no longer. Make sure not to put the stove too hot and don't boil your pipe for too long, this will keep the glass from getting thinner or more brittle.

    When done take the pipe out with tongs or a glove or something and place it on a towel, make sure to dump any water that's inside the pipe into a cup of some sort. Most of the resin should be in the cup, and hopefully not at the bottom of the pot, because that shit will melt and stink.

    Wherever your resin may have ended up, pour it through a strainer and get your resin. Dry it out and smoke it if you want. Don't boil glass too often, or at all if you really like the pipe, because over time it will become brittle. You can put it in luke warm water with salt and give it a shake if you don't like the idea of boiling at all or just use iso.

    Don't take the pipe out of boiling water and put it into cold water or your gonna have a bad time.
  19. First off I just want to say this one thing if you smoke cigarettes smoking resin is no worse for you, or if you smoke blunts! Fucking PEOPLE! I CANT!  If you don't have any weed or weed money or cant find any weed then I strongly suggest smokin res and actually it aint that hard to clean your bowl just get a paper clip or bobbing pin and straighten it out and take ya lighter warm the bowl and go to town! Oh and once ya get the res and start smokin it ya gon need to stir it up after every few hits cuz it dont burn like weed it burns more like dabs ya know
    Peace, TyG

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