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How to get the most out of 1 bowl.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. hey guys, I have a pretty low tolerance, i have only smoked like 2 times in the last 2 months. I have like .3 left and i really wanna get high tonight. Im planning on breaking the .3 up and loading it into my pipe. What can i do to get the most smoke out of it? pack it tight or loose. Any tips would be great. Also, do you think i can get high off of this .3? Its dank not regs or schwag.
  2. Pack .1's and kill it in 1 hit.
  3. just pack a bowl
  4. Corner it and pack it tight
  5. buy a cheap bong :p
  6. quit being a bitch and smoke that shit :D then buy more lol
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  7. hit that shit hard then hold it in as long as you can...after you blow out, take another hit instead of fresh air....rinse and repeat.

    This is the path you seek.
  8. Pack small little 1 hitter rips and hold it in?

    Idk, I never really care enough to try and get as much as possible out of whatever I have, just pack the bowl and quit giving so much of a fuck. Smoke it, get high, and quit over-thinking it, that's what will make you get higher.
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  9. When you pack small bowls like that it gets kinda hard to conserve weed unless you have a 1 hitter. Otherwise you just light it all at the same time.

    What you could do is just pack one hit and keep repacking it each time. Sounds weird but it will fuck you up haha.

  10. fixed
  11. Inhale, cover bowl and mouthpiece, hold for a few seconds, inhale a little fresh air sharply and quickly, hold a few more seconds, exhale. Relight, repeat.

    This is how the most THC will get absorbed and the least weed wasted while not inhaling.
  12. hey guys thanks im really high thanks to u guys im really high and i didnt even finish the bowl yet. I love grasscity yay
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  13. #13 S0UR, Aug 14, 2011
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    Nope. Just a .1 ;)
  14. we can see that lol, blaze up brother, blaze up

  15. Man you can not stop making pointless threads.

    .3 is a good sized bowl, with dank and no tolerance you will be fine.
  16. man you can not stop being a dick.
  17. mix it with tobacco, 60/40 tobacco, you should get about 2 bowls out of it. Also keep the smoke in your lungs until you cant hold your breath, nothing should come out.
  18. When you do that all your doing is depriving your brain of oxygen. There's no need to hold a hit in longer than 10 seconds.

    The exhale till you see smoke then inhale thing works very well though.
  19. Just smoke it...and chill

    Lol sour..... ".1 snaps get you the highest bro"
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  20. do one hit snaps. it takes longer because you gotta repack so you don't end up smoking more than you want to

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