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How to get the most from your weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Blank1268, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if you guys had any special method to making the mosts out of a dwindling supply of bud.
  2. When you're packing your bowl pack it half as full as you usually do. Smoke that and wait 15 min. You'll probably be sufficiently baked and you used half the weed.
  3. .1 bong snaps
  4. Start saving for a vape if you don't already have one. Not going into the deets of a vape but it will last you WEAY longer than a bong.
  5. vape or hitter bats
  6. i just take small bong rid from my roor, it always does the job and really doesn't use much weed at all
  7. First things first, no 4 gram blunts or stupid shit like that. You dont need to smoke 5 joints to get super baked.
    1 joint is enough, however, to conserve weed, you would need to invest in a bong, or bowl.
    Also, maybe roll a spliff if you dont mind getting cancer from tobacco, and a harsh tobacco taste. :D

    Meh, I just roll a joint
  8. just pack a bowl, take a few hits (2-3) then every 15-30 minutes take another hit to keep a consistent high for a few hours
  9. gravity bong
  10. one hitters in a glass VG
  11. Gravity/Waterfall Bong
  12. Gravs will fuck you up, and you barely use any.
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    This is my list of smoking accessory's with my reviews kinda:

    Glass pipe:
    Great for walking down the road or through the woods with, more of a social smoking tool IMO

    Glass Bong:
    Nothing special, it's about 1 foot. I love packing .1g bowls but sometimes it doesn't do the trick. I like smoking my bong more when I am alone or stationary (Pretty hard to move around with a bong)\

    It's just a cheep one of amazon, it works alright and I do enjoy the weed it saves. But lets be honest, vapes are a pain. You have to wait for it to warm up, find the right temp, pack the right amount of weed in, hope to hell it works. I only really use this when I have the day to fiddle with it.

    Homemade Grav:
    Great hits, but sometimes it's hard to use when I am already baked. I have unsteady hands so I don't get the best pull off of it.
  14. Waterfall bongs are the most efficient way to smoke your herb without investing in a vaporizer. :D :wave:

  15. I always throw mine in my backpack that is trashed and I never use anymore. My parents even saw it, asked me about it and I told them it's an extra backpack in case I need to throw something in it and they never pushed further. It's in my car all the time (not the safest thing, I know), and I even smoke with it sometimes. Most of the time I use my bubbler though. :bongin: :D
  16. I was thinking about getting a nice hammerhead bubble pipe. But it's like 70$, so i have to decide to not get a slice if I buy one

  17. If you actually look for nice bubblers for cheap, I've seen them as low as $30 for locally blown pipes and they are very artsy fartsy too. I really wanted one for $40 last time I was in there, it was a sherlock bubbler, but I didn't have enough money unfortunately :( I only had enough for my friend's present (she turned 18 last Wednesday :D we smoked the WHOLE day), it was a small one hitter pipe, but you could definitely pack like .3-.4 into the bowl.
  18. Maybe I will hit up my smoke shop next weekend in search for one.
  19. Pack a hitter box and a one hitter and you're set

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