How to get supa dupa baked?

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  1. So I am 18. Not a guru of the bud, but been doing it since I was like 14.. Usually we just roll some joints ( I still can't fckin roll ) and sometimes we used to use a bowl ( hate it). A few days ago we made a waterfall out of a gallon of milk and I ripped that shit as hard as I could and I started drooling instantly haha, I got baked fast. Anyways I just wanna know some good ways to get baked outta my mind.
  2. cook it, rip it, vape it ... all at once ... you should be good ...
  3. Anything with water/ Bake/ Vape
  4. Apprenticetokers.
  5. I just rip 2-3 bowls in my bong and good game I'm good for a couple hours.
  6. Just start doing gram snaps....that'll get you good (and also put you out of weed extremely quickly hahaha)
  7. I recently began smoking so 1 hit off the Sobe waterfall bong and I'm baked.

  8. this man is wise...
  9. yea grams go quick, haha
  10. two bong caps to my face do me good for about 1-2 hours.
  11. haah i made one of those, got me extremely ripped

  12. sobe waterfalls are the shit :smoke:

    its pretty much a bowl in one hit
  13. i toke a smart water bottel for my waterfall, its like 1 hit is 2 sobe hits
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    Yeah I used a smart water bottle before the Sobe but any 2 liter bottle will be just fine, I just find the glass from the Sobe to be better than plastic. They all get me messed up so its all good. :hello:

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