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How to get stuff online when you still live with your parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongman88, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. so this is what i did and it worked out great for me.

    so what you will neeed to do is go out and buy a p.o. box and an American express gift card. i went online and bought the stuff using the gift card then shipped it to my p.o. where i picked it up. you could get a ride from a friend to go pick it and then sneak it in your house.

    Hope this helps
  2. I had it delivered straight to my house. Yea, I'm that good. :smoking:
  3. ha lil crack head here

  4. Great idea! I couldn't solve this, thanks.
  5. yea or get a 25 year old friend and ship it to her house

    ^ my plan :), pipe + bong coming in a couple days
  6. easy...just get the mail before your parents do. well, i have a p.o box so that makes it a little more lax since my parents usually only check the mail once every week and a half.

    still, if you're pro, you can grab your package before anyone even knew it was delivered :cool:
  7. I thought about doing this, but PO Boxes are too expensive and small so it's not an option for me (I wanted to buy a bong). For those with the money, it's a perfect idea. I want to move out to my college's dorm but living with my parents has too many advantages...I'll stick around for a while :)
  8. It's a felony to open someone elses mail without their permission if you're over 18. I doubt your parents will go rummaging through all the mail you get anyways. Just say it's a suprise gift for them or something.
  9. I am 90 percent sure that 90 percent of the online stores that sell anything for weed(tobacco ha ha) make their packages blank so you do not know what in it. Take that shit to your room and open it. say you bought a computer part or something.
  10. Yeah im 19 and live with my dad. I just ordered it to our house and got it before he saw it.

  11. Why yes, let us just install a 18 inch fan to our computer:rolleyes:
  12. Yeah most online head shops have plain packaging on there orders or you can just ask for it to be plain packaged in the comments section when you order. But If your that worried about them finding it why buy it? Surely they'll just find it eventually?
  13. deliver it to your house, and tell your parents you have a package coming in (that you paid for). Say it's a part for your xbox or something. As long as you tell your parents not to open it up, you'll be good delivering right to your house.
  14. Oh boy. I suppose there are advantages to being honest with my parents when I live there every summer.

    M: I'm going to buy a bong. It will be here in a week.
    Mommy: Okay. :p

    What you need to be careful about is the packaging. Most will be a plain brown box. HOWEVER, it will probably have "FRAGILE GLASS" stickers all over it. Be ready to explain that if you get caught.

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