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how to get silly stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by awdcivic, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. how can i get silly stoned like the first 3 or 4 times i smoked? ive always only smoked like half a gram in a joint. if i smoke like a gram would i be getting stupid stoned like the first times?
    im only getting like medium highs compared to at first. do you just get used to it or is it your tolerance and i just need more to get me as stoned as at first?
    if i quit for a month and let it all out my system would i get stupid stoned off like half a gram? or will it not be like the first times again?
    oh and also can you always get stupid stoned on brownies if you eat enough? i heard that you can get higher from edibles.
  2. your going to have to take a nice and long t break and dome like 5 grams at one time if you wanna get that stoned
  3. Smoking half a gram and still not high enough? Your smoking the wrong weed man.
  4. i did like half a gram between 3 of us then me and c took 3 hits from the bong. its pretty loud. def not dirt, its good quality weed.
    first time i got high we had a gram b/w 3 of us. stupid stoned and 3rd time we had a gram blunt b/w 3 of us. i got f'ed off my ass that night.
  5. Post some pictures of your weed :)
  6. I remember the good old times where I would get high off my ass. :smoke:

    I just smoked about 2/3 of a small-medium bowl and added 1/4 of a bowl more, like a snap. I definitely feel higher than usual because I usually smoke a bowl, but it's nothing compared to my first times. But it's been around 7-8 months since I first started, and the last 3 months I've been smoking pretty regularly.

    I haven't taken any breaks and it's a fucking chill high, like more controllable. You know what I mean? :D :smoke:

    You would have to take about a 3 week T-break to maybe get that high, but I suggest to go as long as you can go to lower your tolerance to almost nothing.
    Good luck :wave:
  7. 7 months clean :D and i cant wait to rip a FAT bowl.

  8. Personal choice to take a T-break, probation, or other? :D
  9. I'd have to see a picture of this bud to better understand the question. Based on how much bud you're saying it takes for you and 2 other dudes to get blowed.... I'm guessing middeeees. Find a connect that has the best dank you can find (even if you have to pay more) and take a few bong rips to the dome after a three day break... you'll be higher than giraffe pussy. As long as that bud is A1.
  10. Not true....some of us have this thing they call a tolerance lol. Half a gram of the dankest weed there is and ill be just comfortably high.
  11. [quote name='"Yosh139"']

    Personal choice to take a T-break, probation, or other? :D[/quote]

    lol personal
  12. [quote name='"claytonb11"']
    Not true....some of us have this thing they call a tolerance lol. Half a gram of the dankest weed there is and ill be just comfortably high.[/quote]

  13. tolerance is a bit of a joke really. i hung around with massive potheads for 10 years before i joined this site and suddenly heard this term "tolerance".
  14. #14 claytonb11, Mar 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2012
    Tolerance in not a joke a all..not one bit. It is a fact, the more your body becomes used to marijuana, the less it affects you, this has been proven time and time again. THis goes for anything that goes into you body. The reason you have never heard of it is exactly what you said "I hung around with massive potheads for 10 years" hungout with uneducated potheads, who know nothing about the science behind it for 10 years lol where here at GC we have many educated potheads, and some are very knowlegable of the subject.
  15. Its impossible to get stoned as the first time again
  16. Smoke a popper, pack a bong bowl with 3/4ths of tobacco and the rest with weed, clear it in a quick hit and hold it. Either that or tbreak
  17. you do NOT need a break if you have only smoked a handful of times dumb as fuck for even thinking that. just roll a blunt yo. or take some bong rips

  18. Doesn't mean I can't try every time I smoke... ;)
  19. Drop those joints and pick up a bong, smoke with other people too. For me I only get the "silly stoned" with other people.

  20. You hung around potheads for 10 years? Meaning you smoked for 10 years and never experienced a tolerance? Or you observed them and assume they have no tolerance because they got high?

    I am just very confused at how you justify tolerance not existing. Do you even smoke? How can't you experience this first hand after only a few days in a row of smoking :confused:

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