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How to get rid of Weed smell??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplehazeguy, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    This weekend I'm going to have a few people over to break-in my new zong, I can
    only smoke in my garage because i don't want my house to smell and i can't smoke outside because I don't want my neighbors telling my parents.

    Besides using a Fleece how should I cover the smell??

    By the way my parents know i used to smoke and are still a little suspicious that is why i need to cover the smell.:smoking:

  2. My parents left last weekend and I had 6 people over to smoke from friday night to saturday night. We sat and smoked in my basement, got rid of all the ashes and no-one spilled any bong water (Thank god) My parents came home sunday around 1pm and it didn't smell, just open some windows and spray some Febreeze
  3. I don't know about you, but we keep gasoline/the washer and dryer are in my garage. So, you can't smell to much besides wash and gas. Keep the door closed and keep the doors closed. Make a sploof [dryer sheets inside a tube] and exhale the smoke through there. Make sure you have more than like 3 sheets in the sploof. Once done, put the weed away, clean out the bong and just wait like half an hour. once done, open the garage doors and just let air do the rest.
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  5. Open a window.
    Point a fan at the window.
    Let it run for like 20 minutes.
    Also, since it is the garage, open up something garage-smelling (spray paint, oil, etc) and it will be fine =]
  6. In my experience here are things I Use that are very effective:

    1) A dryer tube. If you'll be having a few friends over idk how effective this will be but if it's just you smoking it works great. Just get a water bottle (don't use paper towel tues bc the smoke leaks through the holes in the carboard), stuff it with dryer sheets (3-5 should be plenty) and then seal them with tape or a rubber band. When you go to toke, exhale thru the bottle and it makes the smell go away! This works best if you're using a pipe or bong because those make less msoke.

    2) Febreeze. Back in the days of the dorm, this was a life saver! I use the extra strength one because I feel it works best. Spray around your door, and spray once or twice after youre done smoking and it eats the odor up.

    3) Incense. Depending on how ignorant your parents are this may work. It covers the smell up but leaves an incense-y smell and your parents might wonder why your garage smells like sandalwood lol. But anyways yeah, just burn an incense while you smoke and ti will mask the smell.

    4) Fans. These are amazing. Just blow the smoke out of a fan and voila, very little smell!

    hope that helps
  7. start a stick of incense bout 5 min before you start, and keep at least one stick or cone or oil burner goin the whole time and for about 15 min after you smoke

    then febreeze that bitch

    afterwards keep it well ventilated

    then febreeze it again later, and whatever bacteria hadnt been killed the first time, or that hasnt drifted out the window, will be EXTERMINATED :D
  8. tbh just have all your friends light up the smelliest cig you can find and smoke like 2 each lol. or just open your garage after you smoke and leave it open all night lol.
  9. open windows and let the air out, and use bioextreme to kill the odor on everything else:hello:
  10. go for a walk somewere n smoke? Simplest solution if you dont want to be around your house or neighbours :) Plus walking around with friends whilst baked is fucking hilarious... epsecially if you start seeing shit or just talking about what objects look like what etc
  11. *big breath* SPLOOOOOOF:wave:
  12. sploof is always my worst case option, they get pretty annoying to constantly use. But google orange chronic. They make a spray like frabreeze kind of, but its made to cover up weed smell. it works amazingly. Actually i got pulled over today on the highway about 5 minutes we smoked a joint in my car and just sprayed two squirts of orange chronic and the cop didnt even notice anything to do with weed
  13. actaually nvm ont he sploof depending on how experienced of stoners u r just get some fabreeze cause most people forget about the sploof well everyone but the owner of the house/smoke spot
  14. Smoke it in the garage, and when you're done open the garage door. Takes about 10 minutes to air it out completely.
  15. had the same problem at my girlfriends house when i was a teen (i hot boxed her room all the fucking time when her parents were home and she smoke with me her dad hates weed because of what happened when he was stoned heres the story *of topic but w/e* he got a free joint from his friend smoked it and then went to work bad idea for him and he got to work high as fuck and his boss asked him to find a mirror and he looked forever and it was right above his head (he got fired) so now he hates pot. but this works just open the windows (if you have any) and turn a fan on (keep it spinning around the room)and smoke and when your all done spray the room down with some oder destroyer and wa la
  16. When I smoke in my house, and can't make a sploof, exhale into a gymbag with some SMELLY shit in there, and spray a little febreeze in, then zip is 3/4 up.

    Febreeze makes my parents think im smoking, but if its in the gym bag its like slow release and it dissiptes slower but doesnt smell even 30 minutes later
  17. OZIUM

    Go to the autocare section of walmart or any other big store and get some ozium. This stuff is as amazing as people say it is, it doesn't have a strong smell like febreeze and it destroys the weed smell. It's not just a coverup but it really makes it smell like some light air freshener was sprayed.

    Sploof is also very important, I don't even need the ozium much with a sploof and a fan. Also, try to smoke near a window with a fan going so any extra smoke from the bowl still burning will go out through the fan and not be sitting in the room.

    Trust me, these methods work, I smoke in my DORM room all the time and we have regular patrols of our floor (a lot of rooms got raided for pieces/weed earlier) and with ozium, towel under the door, sploof, and a fan, it never smells like weed outside my room.

    I would actually smoke in your room because how are you going to explain being out on the garage?

    Also, don't smoke blunts or joints. I know they're fun to smoke and all but they let off so much extra smoke while you're passing it around that you can't get rid of the smell completely even with a sploof and all the other precautions since so much of the smoke is just going to be in the room and not going through a filter to the outside.
  18. you could do a variety of things.

    Best place to smoke indoors is the bathroom. the room is designed to get rid of odors in the first place! if you have a window in the bathroom, open it, take a hot shower after smoking, and let the steam go out. the steam will carry the scent along with it.

    If your worried about your garage, i would start with some ventilation. even cracking the garage door open a bit helps.
    When breathing out smoke it is best to make a homemade device with simply a water bottle, tape, and dryer sheets. its simple to make. you make a hole in the bottle, stuff the sheets in the bottle, and then breathe the smoke into the bottle. The smoke will end up smelling like fresh linens.
    and as always...
  19. light a match, it works like a charm.
  20. don't worry about it man, i smoke at my friend's house with his parents home all the time, just blow smoke out the window and turn on a fan, smoke in a shirt and throw a hoody over that, you'll be fine.

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