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How to get pure CBD? Possible?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Degrassmann, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to get pure CBD from cannabis? It has SO many health benefits. And I vape MJ for medical reasons, but I don't like to get high all the time, so a pure CBD would be amazing. I seen an article where they injected pure CBD into rats for diabetes. Is it possible to get pure CBD? If not what is the best way to get high CBD?
  2. hmm...i guess you can get a weed strain that is high in CBD and then turn it into kief,then take that kief and heat press it,but use a heat that over the THC boiling temp yet that isn't over the CBD Boiling temp so that u can destroy as much THC as possible and leaving as much CBD as possible. Assuming you don't want THC in it. that's my best guess :p
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    what health benefits are you talking about?
  4. Any dosage of pure cbd over 1 mg will result in the ability to read minds.
  5. well i know that CBD helps prevent cancer cell from developing
  6. do you get cbd from vaporizing from a mflb?

  7. yeah,you can :D
  8. I don't think it's possible, but there are strains with high concentrations of CBD.
  9. Yeah that's what I thought. And lmao, read minds. Smart ass.

    Yeah I also have MFLB. You cant set the temp though which sucks. You just gotta "suck slow" to keep the temps up, for the CBD. It works great, but I still get higher then I'd like at times. At night chillin it's fine to get high, but when I start my day and I want the CBD to calm me and help focus, well I don't like also getting high, because with every high, there is a down, and I get beat throughout the day until I get home to toke again.

    I have read a lot about CBD was just curious if anyone knew the best way. I have plants growing right now NL #5 and KushBerry which are both high CBD content.

    Guess the best way would be to buy a vaporizer that you can set the temp with.
  10. Can anyone tell me if there is a vaporizer that you can set the temp at that is relatively cheap? The Volcano is 700 bucks..if it were 200-400 I'd consider it, but 700 is crazy.
  11. im not sure where you can get one but they do exist. at my dispensary they sell digital vaps for 40 bucks
  12. We've tested many of our strains and indica strains tend to be higher in CBD (cannabidiol) than sativa strains. CBD is not located in the tricomes but rather is found predominately in the plant material (we've discovered this by testing our concentrates like hash and earwax) so keifing your bud isn't going to do much.

    CBD is the cannabinoid that gives your body that heavy, sometimes lethargic, feeling, and provides the pain relieving qualities present in marijuana. It is known to ease muscle spasms, help with nerve disorders, slow the acceleration of cancer and even prevent cancer from growing. CBD is also anti-inflammatory.

    CBD interacts with THC and can slow down its metabolization. When you smoke a strain that you don't feel right away but creeps up on you and then all of a sudden you realize you are really medicated, this is a sign that the bud is high in CBD.

    Interestingly, in California, people are starting to breed high CBD, low THC strains that are specifically directed toward patients like you who don't wish to get "high" but want the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, cancer-preventing, relaxing qualities of cannabis.

    Check this out: High CBD Marijuana Strains at Harborside Health Center
  13. i thought hemp was supposed to have little to none thc and very high cbds. that would definitely be a option for you.
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    Degrassmann, you are SO right about CBD! Amazing stuff! This might be of use-


    And fiber hemp strains might be a good bet for CBD. The cannabis plant makes a precursor chemical that can be changed into either THC, CBD, or a combo of the two depending of the plant's genetics. Of course, if the plant only makes a 2% level of the precursor chemical, it will be just schwag from either a THC or CBD viewpoint!

    We have selectively bred out the CBD genes in "smoking" cannabis, but the fiber and seed strains are untouched in that department. :) So logically there should be 100% CBD genes in some strains of hemp, but since it hasn't been bred for producing the precursor chemical, the potency level will still be low. We need to cross hemp and smoking varieties to up the levels of the precursor and keep the CBD producing genes! :hello:

    This breeding CBD genes back into smoking varieties by just using only smoking varieties, is going to be more hassle than it's worth, especially when we have the potential for the right genetics just lying around in the fiber and seed varieties! I'm looking forward to the future multi-purpose strains that will give fiber, seed and medicines from one plant! The farmers will LOVE it! 1 crop, 3 products, little needed in the way of pesticides, hardy as can be, and even the roots are usable (it's an old heart remedy with some modern science to back it up)!

    CHRON1C- you are sorely in need of education about CBD! I'm not going to post up a bunch of pages filled with links, but I will tell you to click that first link in my sig to answer your question "what health benefits are you talking about?" CBD slows breast cancer, relieves pain and a WHOLE LOT MORE! I think it may eventually prove to be a more effective and wider-ranging medicine than THC! And since it is non psycho-active, it will be more acceptable to the medical community. (But THC is way more fun! :smoke: )

    Don't be an apathetic, know-nothing stoner! Click the link. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

    Granny :wave:

  15. Indeed.


    There's the GC/MS test for "Harlequin", a new high-cbd low-thc strain.

    In time, you'll probably find pure CBD oils and extracts to be available, we're just getting and testing the first CBD strains now.
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    i have been vaping everyday before work but dont get too much of a body high from it. today i made an edible on my day off and my body feels more relaxed which is what im going for.

    do you think edibles get more CBD than from vaping?

    also, do you think edibles (right dose) would work better than vaping before work?
  17. That's a good question, I'd like to know as well. I think a great thing to try is to use a lot of leaves and stems then in edibles, since they contain a lot of CBD and low THC.

    That's good stuff granny, thanks a lot man. Id love to try that bud in Cali, for now I gotta try my NL and KushBerry Im growin.
  18. Whether or not you'd get more CBD from vaping vs edibles, I honestly don't know. :confused:

    What I do know is that my hubby gets MUCH better pain relief from edibles than from vaping or smoking. Try your edibles on the weekend first! You really wouldn't want to be at work if you've had one bite too many! :eek:

    Granny :wave:
  19. You sir win the internetz for today

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