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how to get more kief from grinding.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ajs, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I would like to know how to increase the amount of kief I get from my grinder, my buddy told me to put a dime on top of the the kief screen, but does anyone else have suggestions or input for me?
  2. Well, after I've used up the weed in the pollen-catcher, I take the grinder to a freezer, leave it in there for 10 minutes, take it out, and slam it on a hard surface two or three times. I usually do that once I've run completely out

    It's given me a vapes-worth on more than one occasion.
  3. use a nickle and shake. It will put a smile on your face
  4. Put a penny on top of the filter and shake it around it'll push the Kief through a ill bitte. Find a something to smack the bottom of th grinder against and itl do the same.
  5. ya...don't eFF up the herb by trying to get the trichomes off it. What the grinder knocks off will suffice and build up...and soon enough you will have enough to make a bit of hash.

    patience...I recommend lots of patience.:wave:
  6. Like cball said: "patience, virtue, etc. etc." Humboldt County
  7. I just give it a a few little taps sometimes when Ive got ground weed in the chamber. That seems to increase the yield of kief a fair bit. Also grind more than a joint or bowls worth then just keep the rest of the ground weed in the grinder and you get a bit more from it aswell.
  8. I put a coin in after i take out all the herb and smoke it, than shake it, no herb is ransacked and it knocks all the crystal that didnt fall throguh or stuck to the wall down into the catcher.

    I for the longest time thought people meant shake with weed in the grinder and always thoguht they were nuts cause it would ruin the weed, this however makes more sense to me. I get a shit tonne more this way.

    Freesing than shaking would do alot too.

    Edit: cball, nice sig.
  9. Put a dime in there or other small coin and give it a little shake and in my estimates you get about 30% more kief.
  10. Sweet.I'm doing all that, maybe a Nicole instead of a dime. And I always grind up 1-2 grams at a time, guess all I can do now is wait..
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    heres a compilation of tricks that i find help. Trust me they work. my friends always have less kief than me and heres why

    - most importantly make sure you buy a grinder with a screen that is not too fine. my first grinders screen was too fine it would just cake up the screen and no kief would get collected. i literally get as much kief from 3g as i used to get from 14g. this makes a huge difference in kief, but remember your bud will be less dank.

    - another trick is to not grind too much bud at once. just a few buds

    - dont do the penny trick, i find it does barely anything and the penny just gets caked.

    - dry bud drops more kief, moist bud tends to keep a bit more.

    - also dont grind and empty and then grind and empty again, i find that i get better results when i only grind enough to fill the grinder maybe half way, leaving half full at all times.

    - Dont tip your grinder. be very carefull when handling it. never shove it in your pocket or you can loose some of the kief to your bud and to the screen if its flipping in your pockets.

    - get yourself a small tupperwhare container, kief sticks to bags and i dont like scraping bags for kief. its just sketchy and it worries me that i may be smoking plastic. just use tupperware and tap the kief out.

    when you have collected a fuckload of kief buy yourself a kief press or find a Do-It-Yourself video on youtube.
  13. FREEZE!.. Yeah, take your bud and put it in the freezer for like half hour to an hour? makes the trich's brittle, make sure its in a bag when you put it in the freezer lol. It might make the weed less potent. But i haven't noticed :smoke:
    Careful when handeling it. As the trich's are fragile and you want to get the most out of it, put it directly in the grinder lol
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    hash grinder a coffee grinder ( i bought "herb grinder" from my head *shop for 30 bucks, you can take it apart and its ment for weed) , you can get them at headshop or you can buy one at somewhere like walmart where they sell kitchen appliecences

    2. grab a bic, remove the safety but dont throw out the part you just removed from the lighter. grab the lid of your coffee grinder, and install the safety from the lighter into the lid, by heating it up and pushing in into the lid. you can place it just about anywhere, i grew up doing this. my friend put one in the side of the lid and he gets crazy yeilds of crystal off a 5 bag....

    but just remember when you make crystal, it IS coming off your weed (no shit but some people just dont reeally think about this) and you wont get as high off your weed.

    those hand grinders get you shit all compared to my method , just saying

    edit : just read the rest of the posts, dont waste ur time with those lol
  15. I through a nickel in there. The best weight to size ratio. But just make sure your screen stays relatively see through. If shit gets cakes on there pour iso through the screen.
  16. LOL, imma try that :smoke:
  17. Easiest way is stick a nickel in the bud chamber and shake, my best friend of 5 years showed me that trick the other day and it's doubled my kief yield. And best thing is it only costs 5 cents to get more kief.
  18. Nickel is also best because it is one of the few coins that has a smooth service rather than a rigid one.. Less grooves for keif to cake in.. My friend uses a dollar coin for the same reason.. Dollar is a little heavier, but it's also a fuckin dollar... I'd rather use it to buy a soda or something... nickel is fine for me.. Every 6 months or so, I soak my entire grinder in iso... Makes it look and work like new!
  19. wait a second..:confused: do you shake a nickel on the screen after you removed your herb, or put it in with the weed to knock off more trich's?
  20. [quote name='"420GaNjX"']wait a second..:confused: do you shake a nickel on the screen after you removed your herb, or put it in with the weed to knock off more trich's?[/quote]

    Put the nickel in the grinder with the were in there.

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