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how to get medical marijuana?!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by weedsmoka85, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. how exactly do you get medical marijuana i know its impossible for me cuz i live mass but if you get it how did you come upon it?? did the doctor just say it or did you suggest it?!!:smoking:
  2. you visit a doctor who asks you what your problem is and if he sees it fit he will give you a MMJ card for a fee (usually like $200). That card allows you to go to any dispensary and buy medical marijuana
  3. Thats it tho like that seems really too easy

  4. Yeah man, this is how it is in Cali. You just find a doctor who writes notes and distributes cards for medical clubs and you're set. If your state doesn't have cannabis a legal, then the cards are unobtainable as well.
  5. Let me clear some things up, though.

    Doctors don't give out "cards" to patients. They can't write prescriptions for cannabis. What they CAN do is RECOMMEND cannabis usage for patients' medical needs. You visit them and go through a normal check-up like any other doctor's office. You talk about your medical problems, show your medical history to the doctor, and why cannabis has helped you.

    If he/she believes you aren't bullshitting the system, then they'll write out a recommendation for you. The cards are totally voluntary and not necessary. All one needs is the doctor's rec. and California ID.
  6. you can get mmj i nj right?
    if so i would lie saying i have R.E.M and i cant sleep =D

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