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How to get marijuana while on vacation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Mrmarijuana, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hey everybody, there have been way to many threads of people asking how the can get some bud on vacation.

    Well, it's very easy! Go up to somebody that looks like they smoke. Ask "hey you know where I can get some trees?" If they smoke they will know what your talking about. Simple as that.

    It is not hard to find marijuana if you go to the right places. Places such as skate parks, chill hang out spots, beaches, and of course college campuses. There are many more places you could go but, these are the most common places you can get some bud on your vacation. :smoke:
  2. Check webehigh.com
    And hotel staff depending on area.
  3. If only people actually knew it was this simple. And would stop asking how to traffic....
  4. Word, to find a new connect I just wait outside the headshop and wait for someone to come out with something to ask what's good. I guarantee you 99% of the time that person will smoke bud, though they may decline knowing where to get some for whatever reason.

  5. exactly. they could either traffic there bud and risk getting raped in a jail or looking for some dank at the destination :smoke:

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