how to get into contact with Toro?

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  1. Hey GC,

    I am trying to get a hold of a toro vinyl sticker (That they use to sandblast logo's on the tube). I have a toro and want to change the logo style. Kind creations here in CO said if I can get a vinyl sticker they can do the sand blasting.

    So how would I go about getting into contact with Toro or getting the toro vinyl sticker logo?

    Thanks GC in advance
  2. jp isnt going to give you his vinyl sticker. if he gave it to everyone who asked there'd be a shitton of fake toros everywhere.
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    Good point. Thought i'd make a topic just to try..
  4. Alright, so I tried to post a new thread and it didn't work. I asked over on tokecity, and had my thread deleted. Does anyone at all have a phone number for toro. Anyone. Please. I know they aren't taking orders for new customs, but I have an awesome opportunity. The guy at my local shop has been trying to get in contact with them for ages. Nothing through email, no response. Being a big customer, he has asked me to go on the search for the phone number. In return, he will give me the tube of my choice at the price he gets it. Anything in the store. Please guys, all I have to do is find a number for him. I know, they probably wont take on a new shop, but please all I need is the number so he can try. I've been shopping for a new tube and this would let me step it up in quality big time with what I can afford.
  5. beggars cant be choosers, 1-800-get-toro
  6. any person that can make decals can make fake decals, so thats not very good logic. id go that route if you want one. if you provide a picture you can get someoen to make you one.

  7. Don't you think if they wanted to be in contact with him they would have. You dude at the shop probably won't have any luck because he is 17,587th in line to get Toro. I will give you a start though. WAK

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