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  1. So theres this girl that im kinda into...only problem is she has a boyfriend and its her first boyfriend, so she thinks shes in love but i know by watching there relationship that im more of her type and she doesnt realize it... How can i get her to realize it?
  2. ummmmmmmmm idk
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    Thanks for the help
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    I was in pretty much the same shit. I just started talking to her and we got really close, really quick. She eventually dumped the dick, and started saying that she was falling for me, but she wouldn't shuttup about how much she missed her ex, even though he was like insane. Eventually like 2 months later her ex started talking to her again and once that happend whatever feelings she had for me she just threw out the window and she pretty much just dropped me. So my advice is that I wouldn't go for her right now. Maybe become friends and always be there for her, but don't tell her about how you feel for her until your forsure she is over her ex.
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    Honestly that helps me out quite a bit. Thanks
  6. Go to her house with your cock out, knock on the door with your cock.
    When she answers there's only two things she could do; run away or suck your cock.

    50/50 chance my friend.

    OR-better idea:

    1: get a knife.
    2: name it Simon
    3: go play Simon says with her
    5: LAID!
  7. Just gotta wait it out. She has to find out on her own.
  8. So you want to ruin her happiness because you like her? No, that is a case of you wanting her to make you happy. AKA not a good relationship. That would have made you happy, until you realized that she isn't happy that this relationship is from the fallout of her last one, where it was mutual.

    Wait. Patience. It's a virtue.
  9. This ^ One thing you have to remember is that she has a boyfriend and you should respect that.. If you start moving in on her and she cheats with you or leaves him for you just remember that same situation can and probably will happen to you in return..
  10. So you're one of those guys
  11. get her stoned. Wiz style...:)
  12. dont stir up drama like a cool and if she comes to you, sweet.
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    I wasn't saying to like try and steal her from him. Just become friends and take it slow and if she dose break it off with her current bf then you can make a move.
  14. Do not, I repeat do not become the guy she goes to to complain about her boyfriend. You will not have sex with her if that happens.
  15. Understandable, but to answer that.. this.. V

    If you make the move too soon then you could be included in the friend zone.. Once you get into the friend zone it is hard to come back out.. :( I'd keep it casual until she breaks it off herself.. If she thinks she loves him then the only thing that will change that is time..

  16. Changing people's minds is one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to emotionality.

    My first piece of advice would be to go out with other girls. Don't obsess over just one girl with whom you don't even have a relationship. It will lead to mental instability and is not healthy. Try to see the world as full of women. Billions of them. And millions of them are actually quite lovely. Try to see the world this way, because well, that's how it actually is.

    If you want to win this girl, then go out with another girl and she will see how much better your relationship is than hers. She will gravitate towards you automatically and realize who the real man is in the room. You attract women by being the awesomest guy in the room, not by beating her with a stick and saying "don't you see what a loser your boyfriend is you idiot!"

    It's possible that after you start dating other women, you might change your mind and realize that the girl you crushed on isn't even all that. But if you can help it, try not to destroy other people's relationships. You don't want to deal with the karmic fallout trust me.

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