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How to get garlic smell out of weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jaked777, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hey, I was recently in a bind when I picked up 20gs and I had to put it into a jar that had previously been used to hold garlic salsa so it wouldn't dank out my house. I washed the jar out the best I could, but the lid still reeked of garlic.

    I got a new jar now that doesn't smell, but my weed still smells like garlic (it's a very strong garlic odor).

    How can I get the garlic smell out of my weed?
  2. I know a dude who looks like Dracula and smokes weed, but hates garlic with a passion...


    What's the connection? :confused_2: Beats me.

    I would use it to make cannabutter, then cook with it. Or I would just smoke it...but I love garlic.
  3. Honestly, your bud is probably going to smell like garlic...That is unfortunately a smell that will actually compete with cannabis in how strong it is, I would just smoke through what you have and know no garlic jars for the future. Just tell people it is called Garlic Kush when they smoke it and they will be like "yeah man, I can totally taste the garlic, dope"
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  4. No one will fall for this LOL
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  5. I have met some pretty dumb kids that very likely would fall for this :roflmao: but I was just makin a funny

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