how to get full plants (huge nugs)

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  1. Am I wrong or is the trick to getting ridiculas nugs just extreme light ? I'm talkin about like a pound on an indoor plant ..... or half p at least? Is it possible I mean I see pics of indoor plants all over that look like they got a pound on them ... now are they just giving them ridiculas light along with proper nutes temp and CO2

    I have nutes down I'm pretty sure its as goood as can be without ec meter and what not and temp is always 72 and I tryed CO2 last time and no real increase in yeild so I dropped it .... I get good ventalation ..... do I just need to go buy 4 or 5 1000 watt lights and just put like 5 plants under it
  2. there are people pulling like 11 or 12 ounces off one plant with just a air cooled 400 watt hps, DWC, and co2.... its more about knowing your shit and knowing the strain, and havin it on lock down, iv seen people throw a couple plants under a couple thousand watts and only yeild like 3 ounces per plant
  3. Understanding your growing conditions and the strain you are growing are key to high yielding harvests..yes there are tricks to increasing your yield ( slightly cooler temps for bud density, or higher oxygen levels in your solution for increased vigor, for example) ..but none better then a working understanding of the plant you are growing ( used to have a quote on my old accounts' siggy here that had a qoute form Lessismore saying pretty much the same

    the real question is.. how are you doing now? ..and THEN, what can you do to get better....
  4. U say "knowing ur shit", does dat mean these people know some tricks of the trade that we don't know. .if ur pulling 11 oz's per plant I humbly ask u to share a few tricks wit us..or break down ur whole flowering regiment from start to finish.. im sure we can exchange ideas

  5. Is this cured weight? Or fresh cut?
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    No, it's just a matter of having researched everything you can about the topic. do you understand just how many people have asked a question like this? Off the top of my head from just thinking of denser bigger nugs i come up with: CO2 equipment, aeroponic applications, knowing max nutes for your strain without burning, lowering the outside temperature, increasing oxygen and lowering temperature for root bed, 1000hps lights for max light intensity. these are all things i've garnered from looking at multiple forums and resource websites on growing. knowledge is power and also leads to nicer bud.
  7. whats to break down .. I get around 4 Ozers per plant in DIYd hydrofarm drip buckets, 3 per 400 @ 2 400s,( thanks to lighting overlap between the two lights, I can add the extra 2 ..other wise it would be 2 per light...) and using Lucas formula. Or least till the harvest at end of the month, then I move outdoors for the season:cool:..

    not to flame, but to increase "understanding of the plant"..

    first all of all any post that is "how can I get the most of my grow" and does not include any details about the grow itself is destined to fail, or get illusive answers..

    second , it is pretty much impossible to copy any grow... why .. well, local factors like: is the grow downstairs or up, hows the water at the tap/well, etc..

    third, different strains ( and even with identical strains they will have different phenos ) of course cannot compare....

    fourth ( AND THE REAL NUMBER ONE) is experience..plain and simple ..been growing for years ..and still learn new stuff every day ..and it shows in my grow. and guess what ..I am a pretty average human, so I see no reason why for Me, as my experience grows green thumb ,and yields grow, it would be any different for you ..

    hope that makes sense

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