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How to get free ppv channels and more

Discussion in 'General' started by giroldo, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. with this setup.. it is [​IMG]. Getting around 50-75 PPV channels, all starz, encores, hbo's, etc... etc... etc...

    Here's a very very quick how to... i'll make a more official one tomorrow at work:

    1) Purchase any FTA (free to air) box. You can find hundreds on ebay. I personally went with Viewsat. From FTA forums, the consensus is that they're the best. Boxes range in price from 75 dollars up to 450ish... depending on what you want in your box (HD, DVR, etc...)

    2) Purchase a satellite. Make sure that the LNB is linear. My satellite is a D|R3CT\/ one and it works fine. You can also purchase a dish 500 or dish 1000 on ebay for around 50 dollars.

    3) Once the dish and box arrives, go to THIS SITE and type in your addres. On the drop down below the address bar, select your satellite. I am using Echostar 7. The website tells you which direction to place your satellite as well as how to angle it.

    4) Run a coax from the LNB to the FTA box, then connect the FTA box to your TV.

    5) Find a website (There are dozens) that contain the key files. I'm not going to list where i get mine because when too many people are on the site, the make you queue the files.

    6) Once you find the key file for your box model, place it on a thumb drive. Plug the thumb drive into your FTA box. Go into the box's menu and update the software with the file on your thumb drive.

    7) Go into the antenna settings & tell the box which satellite you're aiming your dish at. There are a couple more options on this page that differ from person to person depending on which satellite you're aiming at.

    8) Once your antenna settings are all set up, run a blind scan for channels.

    9) Sit back for about 10-15 minutes and watch the channels appear.

    10) Turn to Spice channel and :fap: away!
  2. that is a lotta steps for porn. . . .

    you know that the internet has a ton right?
  3. not nescessarily for porn.

    additionally you get all the free standard channels such as discovery, etc, as well as all the ppv movies and tv shows.
  4. or you could pay the 10 bucks extra for all the channels.

  5. You must live at home if you think it's only 10 extra for all the premium channels. Try like 100-200 a month.
  6. thank you.
  7. no need for critisism either guys, just trying to contribute the community.
  8. Next time I see a dish at a garage sale I may look at it differently. Free TV would be nice.
  9. tight. always get over
  10. yea cable internet n phone aint no joke
    and for showtime cinemax encore wtc. add $15 per channel. Don't forget the sports package.
    bill is way over $300 a month

    speaking of showtime dexter's on.

    nice idea too bra:D
  11. Cool guide. If we ever cancel our directv I will definitely be looking this thread up.
  12. or pm me, id be happy to help you out.
  13. my uncle had that and it was pretty much shit. i mean you cant really complain because its free but you will be in the middle of watching House or porn or whatever it is you are watchign and it will go out, then you have to go get online and re do it. at least u did with the one my uncle had. really not worth the trouble. it goes out for days at a time until someoen can up date the files.
  14. that sounds like a hassle-not to mention a dish is ugly and expensive and the reception sucks.

    It's much easier without having the shitty reception of a dish to get a cable box with the lowest amount of channels possible. You then buy an encoder and blank cards; find a script online for the encoder to place on the card to unlock all the channels and put that card in your box(preferably an HD box so you can get the hd channels). The encoder can be had for $70 and go higher(the higher ones give you subscriptions to the scripts for free). The cards are cheap as shit; like .10 per 1 and cheaper in bulk.

    on a side note, if you have comcast/time-warner you can get away with a bunch of shit. I had a bunch of problems with them on this last installation and really over the past 4 years of having them. It's easy to get a bunch of extras at no cost Bitching got me the following:
    free HDTV/DVR for a year
    free hbo, showtime, max, starz, and football sports package

    But yes it's not as nice as the encoder which I got to get cards for to get it all.
  15. bro i pay 150 for internet and cable with hbo and showtime encore

    you dont know me buster
  16. haha yes; that dexter episode was sweet. :hello:

  17. what i got comcast bra the little new cable box and everything I'm paying a grip for the shit I got. And it goes out sometimes etc. My girl calls and complains to them only thing we get is be patient.
    I pay a grip what kind of complaining did you do?

    hell yea that DA is gonna get Dexter:devious:
  18. i already got dish for my TV service

    does that mean i just gotta get the box n hook the shit up n what not? or does having the satellite service just fuck me
  19. dude you can't take that shit. tell them you have been patient and they need to get their shit together. Tell them you aren't going to pay for bullshit service; that you're paying them for the services they advertise to provide without interruptions. I swear Comcast is the worst fucking company ever. All of them are fucking pricks. Last year I had to call every month because my bill was fucked up. This installation here when they first came out the guy installed the internet on the last leg. I called them and they said my signal was fucked so they were going to send someone out so in the meantime they added on the speedboost to see if it'd make an improvement. The guy comes out to fix the internet, but when he leaves the fucking moron disconnects the cable. I call as soon as he leaves to get it fixed and they were supposed to call me back; they never did. So i call back and the guy told me someone would be out between 10-1pm the next day. He was the guy that gave me all the channels. So that day comes and no one shows up. I call back and find out that the service request wasn't dispatched to a tech so I had to wait another fucking day. The next day the guy comes out and gets the shit straight.

    The following week the internet is acting shitty just 1 day; I could get access to the internet through the modem directly, but not through the router. I take the router to apple 4 times and it works every time. I went and changed the modem out with comcast and got a new HD box because i told those fucking assholes I wanted HDMI, but they brought me a component box. I got both and went back; it took them forever to get the right signal sent to the new HDTV box-which is sweet as fuck looking i must say(actually a brand new box for a change). I hook up the modem and guess what? No fucking service.....bullshit. I call them up and they say the signal is low; well that's bullshit because i've had them out 1 for signal strength and every other time a tech has come out I ask him to check the signal strength. They tell me I have to wait til Sunday(today) and I was like fuck that shit I'm not waiting. I pretty much bitched at them and told them that their whole company is nothing but clusterfucks that can't do their job right and I'm going to email corporate about this whole bullshit. My girl in the meantime tells them that she has to submit to Sun Dance film festival and she needs the internet. Well we left 2 notes for the supervisor to call and nothing happened and we finally got through to someone that got us scheduled to get internet back yesterday(saturday).

    Sorry I'm rambling my whole fucking story; but ya just call them up and tell them you're tired of their fucking bullshit and demand what you want. Most of the time it works. As it is the guy told me I wouldn't be paying for next month and I just let them konw when the service is back up and running good. I told him that wasn't good enough and I expect at least this month free if not the next for their incompetance and how much of a clusterfuck their whole company is. You just gotta follow up with them and call em a few times. If you don't get what you want from the first guy, hang up and talk to someone else. Eventually you'll get it.
  20. damn I'll get on that then.

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