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How to get fat buds?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by SO CAL KUSH, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone? I have a question: How do I get my buds to come out fat with density and compactness? I'm currently running some Bubba, and Sour Diesel x OG. But for some reason, the nugs keep coming out "airy." The only thing I can think of is because I'm not running CO2 enrichment. Can anyone out there give me some some solid advice? Much appreciated!
  2. You could try the Big Bud strain, or what I would do, is crossbreed Big Bud with Atomic Northern Lights for some fat nugs with mouth water trichome coverage
  3. Could be a bunch of stuff. If you're looking for what you aren't doing right I think you should give some more info on your grow setup. First question I'd ask myself is this: "I'm I giving my plants the optimum light, water, and air?" But yea you should give some details on what you setup is before people can really help.
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    I'm running two 600 w hps, got a carbon filter with a vortex fan on my out take with 6" ducting air cooling, my lights and venting out a window. My intake is a dayton vent blower that moves 273 cfm. My grow space is 3x8 and I have 8 plants set up on a drip line system. They were started in rockwool for veg, and are in a bed of hydroton currently for flowering. The temp is kept at 85 degrees right now, because its summer and even though, I have it AC cooled, thats where it stays. So given all that, can you guys help any further? Thanks in advance.
  5. You know a simple method for getting CO² in your grow room without all the fancy pumps and tanks is to take a 2 liter plastic bottle (coke bottle), make a mixture of sterile water, regular sugar, and a yeast of some sort, preferably wine/champagne yeast as it produces a lot of CO², then put it in your bottle, and put the cap on, now punch some holes (about the size of the tip of an ink pen) near the top wherever you prefer, but make sure the must (sugar/water/yeast solution) isnt close to the hole, as it will foam up quite a lot, so you don't want a mess in your grow room.

    If you don't understand what Im tryin to get at send me a PM and Ill help you figure it out
  6. ^^ Gotcha bro! Good stuff. I'm repping you on that one. Didn't think of that.
  7. Dont forget your nuts? What are you using?what type of schedual for changes? rippeng? carb loading?
  8. 85 degrees is pretty warm... it's what I consider to be the highest acceptable temperature for flowering. If your thermometer is off by a few degrees, you will be way too hot. Buds grown in high heat are airy. That would be my first guess.
  9. Oh yeah, can't forget about the nutes. For flowering, I'm currently running, Technaflora's Recipe for success. I use BC Boost, BC Bloom, MagiCal, ThriveAlive Red, Sugar Daddy, and Awesome blossoms. On this batch, I also added a bloom enhancer this time around from Advanced nutrients called Bloom Booster to see if it would make a difference in swell. 2 weeks prior to harvest I use a mixture of magical, sugar daddy, sweet by botanicare, and molasses. Any further advice would be appreciated.
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    if you have intake/outake you should be getting sufficient co2 in your room, anyways you dont want to run co2 with intake/outake because youll just be blowing all of your co2 out your room. thats a waste of money! Check the ppm of co2 in your room with a co2 detection kit at your local hydro store. ambient ppm's naturally should be 400 to 600. Seal your room, get air con, and pump co2 at 1000 ppm and you would see bigger yield but it wouldn't assure that you that it will be denser.

    Use GRAVITY to put weight on your buds, use sparingly though, this stuff works! if you want a more conventional route at denser buds use refined seaweed, its proven to shorten internodes, there are a million products to choose from, liquid karma, supernova, algen extract, liquid seaweed, etc.

  11. Look up the sticky thread about using molasses.

    I'd also look into getting good reflectors and a diffuser to put under your bulb so there isnt a hot spot directly under the bulb. It makes you able to put the bulb closer to foliage. Should be able to put a 600w around 18 inches from plants. More watts = better nuggage.
  12. Molasses and monster bud. :eek: :smoking:

  13. Went out and bought Gravity after reading this. Changed my water and added this stuff to my normal mix on Saturday. I already see a sizeable difference and the buds are looking fat and resinous. Thanks for recommending this!!! On my next cycle, I'm going to use this in conjunction with Bushmaster.
  14. heat is a good possiblity as previously mentioned. 85 is max and if your a little off @90 you will see fluff and slow.

    use big pots too as that can stunt growth.
  15. u can use that with big bud solution as well i use bud blood 4 the first week and then big bud with canna flower for 4 week and get very big crops make sure your ph is in the safe zone
  16. :smoking:oye u cn also get co2 tab 2 mix with ya water but it bring down ph levels
  17. Hey from so cal :)

    Tough to keep the climate under control right now, especially venting like crazy with CO2. Im going to suggest bending the tips of your buds a bit while they flower. Doing this makes them denser as they grow from what i have seen. Every couple or few days just bend down the tips of the flowers and you should see a difference this time in bud density for sure. That shit sounds pretty wicked you have going, hook up some clones :)
  18. Thanks bro! Finally someone who understands what I'm going through climate wise! Yeah, it's been super hot over here the last month, but now it's finally starting to cool down. Thank God! :hello: Yeah, I'm about 3 weeks out from finishing up, and I have to say, My buds are freakin fat and dense this time!!! I used one of the other guys advice and used Humboldt County's Own, "Gravity." Made a huge difference!! From what I can see. Yeah dude, I have clones on deck. Do you have your med card? I slang em' for 10 bucks each. Hit me with a PM if your interested.
  19. i do have my card for sure. What types of clones do you have? Im growing indoor SourD and GC at the moment but i am always looking for some clones to buy :) im in fallbrook, north san diego. PM me if you want to chat more about it :)

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