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how to get em?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skimmy54, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Okay. I started smoking in highschool, and my boyfriend at that time always always always had weed. Weed was everywhere at my school so it was super easy to get. Since then Ive lost touch with pretty much everyone in highschool cause I moved away, moved back, and frankly just dont care to keep in touch with people from highschool. Ok so now I have a few coworkers who smoke who I can buy from, but sometimes they dont have any, or they dont wanna be the middle man or whatever. So my question is, how do I stealthily find a hookup? Im not asking any of you fools to sell to me, so dont think Im a freaking pig ok? Im just wondering like, do I just go to the beach and find some random guy who might look high and ask him if hes got any?? And I really really really reaaaallly want to do peyote when im in vegas, which is in a month, how do I go about finding it? I posted a thread earlier and people who replied thought I was a freakin pig. Im not a pig. Im a nice girl just lookin to have a fun time! I guess its like a social thing, and I just have to get better at networking? maybe? sorry if this thread is n the wrong area. and sorry it was so long! lol
  2. gas stations are usually swarming with dealers. or stand outside a headshop / tobacco shop.
  3. oh yeah! thats a good idea. When I was living in hawaii i actually met my dealer inside of a headshop. his stuff was sooooo bomb too. aaah. haha
  4. if there's a college in ure city, ask stoner looking students around there
  5. Check webehigh too

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