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How to get dealer to stop ignoring me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by xDS, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. I was with my friend and we were ready to buy from our main dealer (good shit and ALWAYS has weed). I call him and he tells me he will be at the spot in 30 mins. We get there in about 35-40 mins. We call him again and he is "5 minutes away"... About 20 mins go by and we call him and text him again and he says "I'm near (part of town which is close), I'll be there soon. 15-20 more minutes go by we call him about 3 times (not in a row but about 5 minutes after each call) and he just ends the call early so I know he is rejecting the calls. So we just leave sad and weed-less. We call him again telling him we left and what happened, he rejects the call and ignores our texts about why we called him so much and we didn't mean to seem annoying. Well still no response and I'm hoping he will eventually let us buy from him soon because everyone else is dry. So how can we get him to stop ignoring us.

    P.S. He is an 18 year old senior at a different school along with me and my friend.
  2. Beat his ass. or hope he hooks u up next time
  3. Firstly, just drop him right now.
    Its his loss, your HIS customer, not the other way around.

    If he wants to ignore you, fuck him.
    Find another connect.
    Theres always a better connect.
  4. Stop buying from 18-year-olds.
  5. Best way? ignore him!.... he will wonder why u stoed contacting him and try to get you back as a customer anf maybe even give you a hook up.
  6. dont call him 1000 times.
  7. Text him a pic of your $$$.
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    And then text him a picture of some dank weed when you find a new connect.

  9. And THEN text a pic of his mom's forehead, with your dick on it.
  10. if he's ignoring you he doesnt want your money, fuck him....find a new connect
  11. Dealers are people too, so give them some leeway - but if they're dicking on you drop them.
  12. ive been through so much of that and even worse with multiple dealers. longest ive had to wait for my weed (technically to this day, but its only a gramm so fuck it) a 3 days. he lives 1:30 hours away from me and i went there everyday calling him and he said hell be there soon then when i called him after literally 6 hours (on multiple occasions with other dealers) he would say "oh, im dry now. sorry. come back tomorow" or shit like that. i never went back to them. however they wernt 18, but much older. the trick is dont annoy them, but dont let it look like they can tell you what to do. some will treat you with respect and others wont. its kinda luck really :/ good luck!
  13. This is why you need several dealers. The only dealer I've Ever had that doesn't pull this crap is a decade long friend. Hit them all up and see who actually feels like working today. Only having one guy means you have to work on His time table. Screw that, if he wants your $ he should get to you in a timely manner. Otherwise you just buy from someone else.
  14. How much were you trying to buy?
  15. The sad thing is I promoted him to my main dealer since he always has weed and was easir to contact than my other dealer who has great shit but is always dry. Oh well :\

  16. Dime.
  17. There you go.

    Try saving up at least enough for an eighth or something. He's not going to want to go out of his way to drop off a ten.
  18. Dont blow him up
  19. Most dealers don't like driving around to sell a dime's worth. Blowing up their phone is never advised either. Have you tried calling his phone from another friend's phone and asking what's up?
  20. hahahaha!!

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