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How to get a Vet stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billydakid, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. OK i been smokin for only about a couple years now and my friends dad had been smokin for about 30.He`s been smokin about 3 joits a day for the passt 30 years. So his weed tolerance is crazy is ther any trick that we can do to get him stoned again.
  2. 1. Make him stop smoking 3 joints a day
    2. Dont smoke him up
    3. Repeat step 2
    4. Smoke him up
    6. Profit
  3. i thought you meant animal doctor.....

    anyway, get some dank, roll it up in a huge blunt, that will get him stoned
  4. budder, edibles, vape, etc.
  5. make him smoke out of a big bong. bet he chokes. joint smokers cant compete wid bong tokers
  6. he will prolly be like what the fuck when you suggest this but. pull him like 5 or so Gravity bong swats.
  7. T-break is the only way. Making him smoke more won't get him stoned..unless we're talking a gram after a gram and so on.
  8. Take time off, and come back and smoke.

    I consider myself a vet and I am getting some cannabis this Sunday after a 4 month lay off. I figure I will get pretty stoned, well I hope it meets the hype.

    I was a daily smoker, at leeast 3-8 grams a day in blunts and bowls and bongs.
  9. volcano, have him go through a couple bags of dank. that will make anyone stupid. haha
  10. Ive been smoking everyday for just about two years now and i think i still get pretty high but i want to get high like back in the days were it was a once a week thing, like 9th grade. Is there anyway to do this? AKA getting so high your tripping.
  11. Gravity Bong.

    Chances are he's never hit one.
  12. seems like a good idea..
  13. smoke a blunt.
    then take a gravity bong hit (make the bong with a milk jug)

    bet he gets high.

    but take a T-break, thats really the only way.
  14. Da' hells a T-break?
  15. A break from smoking for the sole purpose to lower your Tolerance to THC aka Tolerance break aka t-break
  16. You wanna get your vet stoned?
  17. have him t break for as long as possible then make a batch of brownies and have him eat 2 of em and 45 min later smoke a fat blunt followed by a couple bong rips. all of dank if you have money

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