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How to get a noob high on the first try?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Budyyy, May 12, 2012.

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    My family knows I occasionally smoke cannabis but they're generally against it.. I've never been high around them but I want to be able to smoke more freely.. Anyways this May two-four I plan on getting high when we're all sitting around the fire drinking.. Anyways if they object ill tell them to try it once before they knock it..

    Any tips on:

    a) Convincing them to try it.
    b) Making sure they get high
    c) Keeping them comfortable if they get high
    d) Not getting ostracized.

    I'd like my grandpa to smoke because I know it will help his arthritis but he has paranoid tendencies so dunno.. Same with my mom minus the paranoia.. My dad could use some stress relief, he gets drunk every-weekend because work is brutal..

    oh and I don't have a bong, I doubt a waterbottle bong would make a good first impression... So pipe or joint?
  2. #2 AlbitheDragon, May 12, 2012
    Last edited: May 12, 2012 I the only one who thinks this could be a bad idea? If they're against it, why would they try it?

    But hey, if you really wanna try, good luck. I'd love to bake with my grandpa.
  3. if you do manage to somehow convince them,


    if they smoke too much they might get paranoid as fuck and call the cops or 911..
  4. How doesn't like to see an erect piece of clean glass (Bong)?
  5. Wish I had one but never bought one because I didn't want to get caught.. Now I'd like to free myself, rather than get caught I'd like to have an open discussion in an environment where they will be inclined to try new things.

    Thing is though no one in my family smokes.. My moms joked about trying it but said she'd never inhale smoke. My grandpa smoke for 40 years and he's been clean for the past 15. Everyone else hasn't even tries a cigarette (apparently). Edibles seem like an even worse idea though.
  6. this sounds like it could end in a trainwreck,,but probably a kingsize joint would wotk best of luck to ya
  7. give them a potent ass brownie and tell them right after they eat it that your friend gave it to you then kick back and watch them trip balls.

    but seriously don't do that
  8. Honestly this sounds like a bad idea but use a waterfall or gravity bing
  9. I think edibles are a good idea

    It's less threatening than smoke, plus they won't have the bad cough experience I had when I first smoked

    It felt like Buddha was taking a shit in my lungs
  10. If I were you I would smoke a few bowls. They might not get high for the first time but don't worry about it. Cause after those bowls you'll be stoned ;)
  11. #11 will3117, May 13, 2012
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    too stoned the paranoia kicks in, you want to get them lightly high where you just feel good kicking back and enjoying people and talking or just listening, I think edibles if extremely light would work, you can get high as fuck on edibles and you really don't want that, then grandpas freaking people are going to get him, mom wants you to call ems because she thinks shes having a heart attack and dads pigging the fuck out and gets lost in the woods looking for a deer to eat... but that being said most people in my experience don't get high the first 1-2 times...good luck dude
  12. If they smoke cigarettes, they should know how to properly smoke and inhale a blunt or joint. I'd go with a blunt or joint. Also, if they do not smoke cigarettes, I suggest you blow them shotguns so all they have to do is suck.
  13. If you want to get them on your side have them to sit down with you and watch -The Union-.
  14. Yeah I tried slipping the union in their DVD player.. they only watched 5 minutes and said ''whats this weed movie doing here''.. Topic never came up again. Maybe ill watch it with 'em.

    Wish I would have invested in a vape, that would have been the best way, eh. I guess vape rentals aren't a thing?
  15. Tell them that its legal in most states its used as medicine food clothes paper building buildings and my mos fav is having a doobie after workin a 12 hour shift.tell them that its not as bad as the government makes it to be hope this helped

  16. joint.
  17. A fatty ass oil dome hit out of a nice bong! Sure to get them high
  18. good call
  19. make them watch the UNION documentry. Did the trick with my rents, although they both used to smoke when they were teens/.
  20. I gave my bro an edible, and made him smoke two bowls with me. Needless to say he was fuckin stoned. Hes the nerdy straightedge type so i wanted to make sure the one time he blazed he got stoned hahhaa. He was so stoned, for some weird reason everytime i put on some jimi hendrix he would break out in huge fits of laughter

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