How to get a cotton ball out of my pipe?

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  1. Basically I was experimenting with ways to clean my piece and got a wet cotton ball stuck in a curve in it, any ideas?
  2. tweezers?
  3. Already tried but thanks anyways
  4. i guess you learned not to use cotton balls. :laughing:

    flush it was a lot of water.
    try to blow it out.

    next time just use salt & iso alcohol 91%+
  5. I could find any rubbing alchohol lol
  6. If it's a hand pipe, cover the hole you pack your weed in with your thumb and aim hot water through the carb. This gets resin out when iso and salt doesn't work, so it'll probably get the cotton ball out. It probably dried to the resin and that's why it's stuck.
  7. Air compressor maybe ?
  8. Paper clip made into a fishing hook.


    Push through the cotton and pull it out.
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    Leave it in there,,, it'll get all resined up. It'll look sweet. Then when it's a solid ball, break the pipe and vape that shit...

    I'm kidding.. ​

    Seriously though, drop your pipe in some water to get the cotton ball wet, Pair of pliers and a thin paper clip. Make a hook and pull that shit out. If it's stuck far in there, boil the pipe to loosen any resin holding it in place.
  10. FIRE! burn it out...
  11. thin gauge wire, and just try to poke it on out

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