How to germinate and the best way to do it.

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  1. what it says on the tin really.
  2. Recently I planted 10 seeds right into a windowsill greenhouse (with coco/peat pellets) After a day or two most of them sprouted. Out of 10....3 of them were kinda messed up but the rest all sprouted good. Once they get close to the top of the greenhouse thing you gotta take the top off or they will just bend over and die.

    The 3 of mine that didn't work never sprouted and 2 sprouted but they didn't have any leaves other than the seed cover leaves. I just threw them out last night after a week of them still going on their own in the tray (I transplated the others already)

    Just make sure you either have a heat pad for seedlings, or (this is what I did)....when you first add water to the tray make sure it is warm water (not hot). Then poke your finger or a pencil/pen about an inch into the soil and sow your seed (not sure if it makes a difference but I made sure the pointy end was pointing down so it would sprout properly). Put the lid on it and it should start to fog up. I kept mine wrapped in a warm towel from the dryer and put it in a cupboard over night. The next day I could see a little bit of sprouting but nothing real big. I took a HOT dish rag (rung out) and set it under the tray to keep the seedlings warm. It worked well.

    Not sure if you have a mini greenhouse or not....I purchased mine at Home Depot for about 3 bucks and some change. Maybe close to $4. And then so I had more pellets I purchased one of the BIG trays from Walmart (it has 72 pellets for $6.97 or something) Better than paying for a recharge box of pellets. I think those are closer to $15.

    Good luck with it. Hope my .02 cents helped....:)


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