how to fit a boeing 747 shape into a pentagon hole?

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do you see?


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  2. wow, i knew they were lying to us, and i had even heard about how that part of the pentagon was empt

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  3. this is a joke right?

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  4. this is proposterous typical [i]conspiracy theorist[/i] rubbish. there could be any number of ways

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  1. woops... i called it a 747 in my title... i always get those boeing numbers wrong. my bad.
  2. I\'m not too sure where their good points were. It exploded into millions of pieces on impact. edit2: That\'s why you never saw the plane. (I think. I don\'t know too much about this kind of stuff, just my thoughts.)edit1:and there were eyewitnesses

    sorry bout all the edits, just wanted to make it clear
  3. I do some what agree with what ya\'ll are saying..

    But have you ever seen a plane crash?? Did you see the one that went down in Pennsulvainya?? That plane was being directed at the white house.. It never made it...

    That plane didn\'t disappear..

    Even at the towers, you could see the planes for a few minutes before they burnt up..

    The first thing that was reported at the pentagon was that a truck full of explosives went off.. Why would they report that??
    That part of the pentagon was under construction.. Where were all the workers at the time of impact... No one was in that wing!!!!!

    Why would they lie?? Maybe they were trying to cover up the reason the other aircrafts were off course and out of communication for so long and the gov. didn\'t respond as they should have..

    Do ya\'ll realise that from the moment a plane goes off course and communication is lost that the gov is supposed to have f15\'s in the air headed towrards the plane to see why?? No F15\'s were dispatched till 5 minutes before impact on the towers.. They were off course and out of communication for 45 minutes and more!!!!

    We can all keep guessing because we all have our own ideas about who what where and how..

    Here is a question for all of you... Why didn\'t the government send out the F 15\'s like they were supposed to do?? They are required to shoot planes, like those two that hit the towers, down over areas that have very few or no residents...The only lives that would have been lost then would have been those of the passengers...

    Another plot for Bush to get his war???

    The CIA has proof that the government knew that this was going to happen.... Yet the gov. ignored it and said the threat was bogus...
  4. wow its a conspiracy....

    ....\"i want to believe\"
  5. The people at the airport reported the no communication with the planes... The government didn\'t have time to stop them from talking..

    There was alot more that was told in the first couple of hours that was erased and a plug put in it.. The press was quick to report, but the gov was quick to stop the whole truth!!!!!

    I wish I had coppied all the information that I was able to obtain when this was going on!
  6. i should have been way more suspicious of these events right as they were being reported for the first time....

    there was a picture i saw somewhere, that was supposedly a still of an \"amatuer\" video recording of the plane crashing into the pentagon. it was only a still, and back then it struck me as the most unusual picture i\'d ever seen. i know my stuff when it comes to image manipulation, and it was a fake, the lighting was wrong, the explosion was softened cg, the shadows were wrong, the ambient changes in lighting were wrong, it was all wrong... it certainly was \"amateur\". i never saw the video footage, i suspect because it never existed. and i cannot for the life of me find that picture again, i guess they really didnt want people looking at it for too long.

    it really suprises me when i STILL hear people asking \"why would they fake it?\" and \"what have they got to gain from it?\" and other stupid questions like that. HAVE U GUYS BEEN ASLEEP SINCE THEN??? it\'s so incredibly obvious (certainly to me anyway) why they want to.

    afghanistan, iraq, patriot act, and the Project for a new american century! thats why!!!! gah. now i\'m just getting mad.

    hey grassroots.... are you being sarcastic? ifso...
    idk how anyone could have the gaul to take the piss outta this. these are some specifics to global domination plans. go look on their website if you dont believe me. take their word for it if not mine. one of the cheapest defences anyone could come up with is to simply discredit the acusers through ridicule, and there is now so much stigma attached to the term \"conspiracy theorist\" that some people now believe we live in a conspiracyless world!!! lol. look up conspiracy in the dictionary and you\'ll see they\'re far more comon than you could possably imagine, and considering that, why would anyone want to make the assumption that there are no conspiracies involving important issues??? especially once you consider how much there is to gain. meh, i\'m ranting, and i wasnt even sure if you were being sarcastic then, sorry bout that grassroots, its just real easy to set me off when the freedom of every man, woman and child on the face of the earth is at jepordy.

    again, i must express my utter astonishment that alot of you dont seem to have considered whats been going on for the past couple years.
    (or more to the point, whats been in planning since about 1992/93)

    oh, and one last point on the conspiracy thing... its not really much of a conspiracy, they of course, wont admit to the murder of several thousand innocent americans, bu they do admit to their plans to take over the world... what does that tell us? it tells us the hour is later than we think.

    lol, ranty ranty ranty. :rolleyes: sorrrrrreh!
  7. ^ ignore that last post of mine, its just reactionary ranting.

    here\'s some more information for your parousal:

    Here is a timeline, originally found at, now updated and expanded upon by a chap named Paul Thompson, & mosre specifically for those crucial minutes,

    ^these pages contain some of the most in depth analysis and questioning i\'ve seen, only one other goes deaper, but i cant find that one again. grr. lays it all out quite well, makes you wonder why we dont see this stuff on cnn eh?

    well... CNN DO have their own timeline.... .... notice the difference?

    or hows about that other infamous LIER \"news\" station, FOX.,2933,34233,00.html

    you dont really need sites like this to tell you that FOX and CNN lied, you can quite plainly see it for yourselves.

    they do manage quite well to fight off claims that they are Corporate run news supporting corporate demands... but not well enough. :D or, incase you\'re eaily disturbed by scenes of the events of that day, skip the intro and go straight to

    or hows about another news station, that seems to try to do its part to fight the misinformation fed to the american public.

    and dont for one second think that this stuff only started after 9/11, it took years of planing, and many seemingly innocent bills were passed right through th eclinton administration, paving the way for such events to happen. there\'s a specific link i\'ve been trying hard to re-find for some time now.. but the best i can come up with is this it speaks of the same thing tho. this was one of the biggest moves that allowed things to go ahead. things like this...

    so now that maybe, if you\'ve been looking at even half this stuff, and you\'re eyes are a little more open, and you\'re now a little more concerned, you might want to do some research of your own. might i suggest you start with, Haliburton, Monsanto and uhhh... hmmm.. who else... theres too many. hows about you just look up all you can on the following people... Elliott Abrams, Gary Bauer, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Eliot A. Cohen, Midge Decter, Paula Dobriansky, Steve Forbes, Aaron Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama, Frank Gaffney, Fred C. Ikle, Donald Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, I. Lewis Libby, Norman Podhoretz, Dan Quayle, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen, Donald Rumsfeld, Vin Weber, George Weigel and Paul Wolfowitz

    (i\'ve put the ones i know to be most prominent in bold... but that doesnt mean the others are any less worth checkin out.)

    feel free to report anything of interest you find out.

    it\'s time the american people woke up to the attrocities their government has been upto in their name. its time the american people woke upto where their tax dollars go. Its time to return america to being a land of LIBERTY, not AUTHORITY.

    (hope all this reads ok, it was quite rushed to give you as many links as possable)
  8. I will read this when I get some spare time. I dont know what to think of it other than U.S. gov lying to us again. I cant see a plane or any part of it. And where are the burn marks on the ground and why the gravel.
  9. Me smells a conspiracy....
  10. fuckin A it\'s a conspiracy. and a bloody high profile one at that.

    here\'s their public front. you think they\'d try to hide what they\'re upto better. just makes you wonder wtf they are upto that we truely dont know about.


    *digit in his element*
  11. I\'m not sure what you guys are on to. The plane disentegrates on impact, that\'s why you can\'t see it. And there were EYEWITNESSES. Lots of \'em.
  12. I wouldn\'t hold it above the (current) US gov to let a catastrophe happen for it\'s own gain, but on the other hand I\'m pretty sure they only instituted that F-15 reaction plan after 9/11, so it wouldn\'t matter.

    I honestly can\'t think of a good reason for the gov to have faked the pentagon crash. 1) The american people would have been up in arms with the 9/11 attacks alone. 2) I doubt it was to scare the people who inhabit the pentagon into war, my assumption is that they\'d go for it anyway (most of them were put in place by Bush sr.) and 3) It takes a lot of work and money to fake such a thing and these guys only throw around cash like that when it\'s really important (to them). So unless there are reasons beyond anything I know of I can\'t accept this theory as a proud skeptic.

    Mebbe you should add an undecided option to your poll Digit.
  13. Wake up people !!

    Today\'s planes are ALL fitted with a devise that WILL NOT allow a pilot to crash into a fixed object.

    The computer aboard the plane WILL STEER the plane clear.

    Digit really knows the facts. :) --scroll down to the clip of the plane.

    Here are a few more.

    Oh yeah, how could the people on the plane have called anyone - when cell phones don\'t work on planes ??

  14. They needed a reason to do all that they are doing.

    Also, according to the damage reports on the Pentagon -- the \"plane\" had to of been flying SIX INCHES off the ground.

    Where\'s the crater, or the parts of the plane, or the PASSENGERS.... ???
  15. the more of this i read, the more evidence i began to see (the object under the 2nd plane, the bombs going off as the building falls, i mean c\'mon, you can clearly see explosion going outward three different times)... this is some crazy shit, I\'m going to do a lot of reading on this tommrow morning, but for now I need to get some sleep!
  16. I feel like we (the American People) have been scamed!
  17. One more important piece of the puzzle..

    The two planes at the towers and the plane that went don in Penn.. they did a search to find the black boxes, and they did...

    There was never a search for the one at the pentagon..

    Why didn\'t they search for the black box???? No plane..

  18. You\'re right about brother was on business there and he and the two suits that were with him were witnesses to this thing that supposedly never occurred. :rolleyes:

    Cry conspiracy all you want. It\'s just another form of propaganda.

    *The \"you\" from above is not directed at any one person.*
  19. I wouldn\'t say it\'s propaganda but until someone can explain to me why they\'d even do it in the first place I won\'t consider it above other theories.

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