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how to find a roommate?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cavenoize, May 11, 2010.

  1. so i'll be heading off to an unnamed top-tier college next year and i'm not sure the best way to go about finding a chill roommate who is down for lighting up, and won't mind if a lot of people come through...

    i know that at top-tier schools (especially this one), there are a lot of straight shooters, and i would prefer not ending up with someone who might vocally disapprove.

    obviously, traditional methods of roommate pairing don't really address this concern. anyone have any ideas for avoiding a random roommate pairing?

  2. Unless someone else you know is going to the same school, there's really no way around this. Most schools these days should allow you to choose your roommate, but the application for it must be submitted well in advance. So it's not like you could go around campus on the day before classes start looking for someone who's cool with you smoking.
  3. post 5 top schools and i will guess which one you go to :D

    if you dont have any friends that are going there with you, you could always request a room change if there are any openings and you get paired with a assface
  4. When I first applied for student housing before my freshman year there was a rather extensive form they asked us to fill out. One of the longer questions had to do with your hobbies, music, other interests, etc.

    Put down some stereotypical stoner things, even if you don't enjoy them. For example, putting disc golf, hackey sack, and that sort of thing will definitely help.
  5. Good idea^ If all else fails, you could say your birthday is April 20 :p
  6. One of my good friends actually found his roommate over the summer by looking through the Facebook group of people who were going to the school the next year. He picked out a kid who looked like he blazed, and hit em up with a message asking if he smoked herb. The other dude was surprisingly chill about it, and they hit it off and decided to be roommates, since they both didn't want to get stuck with some fag. They ended up being perfect matches, and never had any problems as roommates.

    My roommate was actually a far bigger pothead than myself, and we got along great at first, since we blazed constantly, and he loved having a dealer for a mate. After a while we kinda clashed; I was far more outgoing, and didn't hang out with his stoner buddies, and he just slept all day when he wasn't smoking. So what my boy did looking for possible tokers on Facebook might seem kinda weird, it's actually not a bad idea. But don't expect a perfect roommate just cause you enjoy the herb.

    Good luck. :smoke:
  7. A roomate who's okay with herb is not that hard to find; one who doesn't mind a lot of foot-traffic coming through your shared room is a different story, though.

    Not only will your frequent "visitors" be intruding on your roomate's privacy & quiet time, but they will also impact the whole floor/wing that your shared room is in/on... and that makes for complaints to RA's & Campus Security, on top of general security & theft risks.

    Just keep that in mind.
  8. 420 friendly is the term used when looking for apartment roommates who blaze

    So you'll be living on campus, form aside i guess theres two way man facebook and meeting.

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