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How to escape this society?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by HimuraX, May 14, 2009.

  1. I've come to the conclusion that the society we live in is critically ill. I now see that this society is complete bullshit and we are constantly being manipulated into helping the few elite in power. I see this society as no reasonable way to live. I don't want to make my life fit into something unfit for life.

    So my question is, how to break free of society's grasp? I mean the ol' hermit routine would certainly do it, but a life in isolation is not so great either. I'm willing to live alongside of this society, just not as a part of it.
  2. Pick a country that you would like to live and go there. Some countries have civilizations that r as primitive as it gets. If you feel so... one of them might suit you.
  3. There's no way to truly disattach oneself from "this society". However, as you are a part of it, you can represent your values.

    Who cares if they aren't what you see emanating from others?

    "The best you can is good enough" - Radiohead
  4. HimuraX, that's too bad. I have been awake for YEARS now and nobody listened to me when I tell them to change their ways.

    Of course society is corrupt. But what can YOU do? Nothing! That's just the way things are, buddy. Get used to the fact that our society is corrupt, immoral and crude, and live YOUR life with good values, and you have nothing to worry about. Please always keep what I told you in the back of your mind.
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    don't be a product of your environment, make your environment a product of you.
    (you don't have to physically change your envirnment. Just remember that reality is truly, and only, what you experience. Through experience of reality, you can make your environment to be whatever you please)

    life is what you make it, man. I used to feel supressed by the constraints of society, but i've learned to break the constraints and make every day what i want it to be, at least some of the time.

  6. I realize this threads old and dead so I apologize for resurrecting it... But I almost feel that it is my duty to refute this statement bigtoker42. You see, how do you expect anything to ever change if the people who are "awake" have that mentality? If all the movers and shakers and changers and dreamers just laid down and died, just gave up, would anyone ever make any progress? Don't listen to this guy. The people who are gifted with the knowledge and insight to see the flaws in society, and who squander that ability by thinking like this are equally as guilty as the corrupt and greedy politicians and religious zealots who make it the terrible place it is. If everyone thought like that, the cycle would never break. Generation after generation would pass with no change. This is the problem with the world; no one has a fucking spine, no one has the courage to break away.

    Perhaps, friend, you have heard a saying that goes something like, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" The answer is, of course it made a sound. The vibrations were still produced and sound waves emitted, but what is important is that those sounds were of no consequence to anyone. To that I respond, "If a person lives, but makes no positive difference on the world, did they really live?" Again, the answer is yes. They went through the motions and technically they "lived." But they didn't make the earth a better place. They didn't do the right thing, they didn't combat the tyrannies of the greedy and the self-righteous and the ignorant. They were content to "live" out the duration of their "lives" by the guidelines set forth by society.

    What are those guidelines? Don't question authority. Don't make a scene or cause trouble. Allow yourself to be fed processed and controlled food everyday, go to your processed and controleld job, and then come home to your processed and controlled family. If you aren't sleeping or watching television, the odds are that you are doing mind-numbing, dull, tedious work to buy things that really are not necessary for your survival and do not really give you happiness.

    Your life boils down to four stages.

    MATERIALISM, FRIEND! That is how they trap you. Most people are so caught up in materialistic endeavors and worthless hobbies and social events with their stupid friends that they never stop to think about anything. They never stop to think that from the moment they were born, they had about a .001% of breaking out of that linear system of BIRTH SCHOOL WORK DEATH. They don't even realize that they are in that system, because most likely their parents, and their grandparents, all their relatives, friends, you name it, has been sucked into this system. All they want to do is

    But wait. Materialism isn't quite enough... As an insurance policy, they have religion. What does religion do? It stops you from thinking for yourself, stops you from questioning. They have this handy book that's full of all the answers you could ever need, no need to actually THINK!

    Religion starts at the youngling stage for many of us. It takes our minds, that are as easily formed and molded as a fresh container of Play-Doh, and warps them until they believe the barefaced lies and impossibilities that are played off as irrefutable fact in the Bible. It molds them until we believe the lies spouted out by the self-righteous lunatics we call the clergy, who claim to have a personal relationship with an all-powerful, all-knowing god, who we will never be able to see or touch or taste or smell or hear or PROVE. It inextricably weaves this bullshit into the very core fabric of our being, into our very core emotions and thoughts and feelings. It weaves it in along our sense of right and wrong and our love emotion and our bond with our family.

    FAITH. That is their weapon. I find it interesting that the most sought after attribute in these people is faith, the ability to believe in something beyond a shadow of a doubt without a shred of proof.

    If you talk to pastor (or my parents) about their faith and knowledge thereof, you will likely find that it is full of holes. They will say things like "we can't understand that, because we are only humans" (a very convenient answer for when ITS TOTAL BS!). Or my personal favorite, "I know it doesn't make sense. But you are a failure as a son to me if you don't believe it!" (my father's go to response for religious questions).

    Well, even if religion has its flaws, it makes people better morally, right? Right? WRONG! It was in the name of God that the Incans, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Hawaiins, and all tribes of Native Americans, were all but exterminated. FUCK THAT SHIT. These greedy Christian bastards come in and destroy these peoples whole way of life. :(:(:(

    I could rant and rant about religion but I will suffice to say that its a fucking scam and that the clergy are robbing the poor and innocent who are too weak minded to think for themselves and too unmotivated to do anything with their lives because they are always worried about this unprovable afterlife.... O BY THE WAY! BELIEVE IN THIS BOGUS OR YOU WILL ROT AND BURN AND SCREAM AND CRY IN THE WORST IMAGINABLE PAIN FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!!! Does that sound like a loving god to you?

    Then politics! Again, the problem we have is that no one has a fucking spine. WE KNOW MARIJUANA ISN'T HARMFUL! Guess what? The fucking alcohol and tobacco companies BRIBE the politicians! People would be way more likely to get use weed, hurting the alcohol and tobacco sales. Who would want to smoke some nasty ass cigarettes filled with cancer when you can smoke weed? Who would want to deal with drinking and driving or the possibility of overdoing it or any of the other negative effects of alcohol if weed was available? The answer is, not as many people. Marijuana is a perfect example, but in no way the only one. There are numerous in my life. John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, is another example of the corruption and bs going on in American politics and society as a whole. To summarize, he cut pay and benefits and collective bargaining rights for teachers, firefighters, and policemen, raised the legal alcohol content in alcoholic beverages, and allowed concealed guns to be brought into sporting events and bars. HOW IS THIS A FUCKING GOOD IDEA? CAN ANYONE TELL ME? That's because it isn't. We need those public employees, there's no way around that. Teachers? We need to educate the youth, maybe they can pull their heads out of their asses and make a positive impact on the world like our generation is obviously fucking incapable of doing. Do I need to explain why we need firefighters and policemen? Isn't it obvious that higher alcoholic content in alc beverages can only bring about bad things? What good can come from guns in those places? He was bribed, BRIBED by the alcohol companies, BRIBED by the National Rife Association! Corrupt worthless spineless worm. Now, he is especially bad. There are people in all parties, probably all states that like this. Our founding fathers set this government up to be run by people with spines, they didn't anticipate the moral decay that has occured throughout the centuries.

    Hmm global warming. Well, the media and politicians are all so biased and full of shit that no one really knows that the deal is with global warming. What we know is that islands of trash form in our oceans, that we are polluting our atmosphere at an alarming rate, that our landfills are filling up more and more every day, often with things that will never, NEVER decay. We spill oil into the oceans, destroy animals natural habitats, clear entire continents for human habitation, hunt species of animals to extinction, introduce non indigenous animals into habitats, we just fuck everything up. Something I was shocked to learn was that before the industrial revolution, a person could safely drink from a stream or river. Now, the water is so full of pollution and contaminants that drinking much of it could pose serious health problems. So in conclusion, even if you were somehow able to prove beyond any kind of a doubt that global warming was bogus, we still are destroying the natural balance that has remained intact in the earth for millions of years and really need to be careful and respectful to it, we need to change our ways no matter what. If we woke up tomorrow and it was raining tar from all the pollution,

    Hey guess what? Want to take drugs to try to alleviate the pain caused by this shithole of a world we live in? CANT FUCKIN DO IT! Yep. Just by trying to escape, trying to exhale, to stop the constant whining and buzzing and grating that is society, that is always there, always getting louder and louder and louder... Just by using drugs, harming no one but yourself (and even then only with a select few drugs), you can be put in jail with murderers and rapists. Is that right? No! As a great man once told me, "Don't go looking for justice in the law."

    Well, can you just leave society? No! There are people virtually everywhere. No matter where you go or what you do, there will likely be people around sooner or later, considering the population is now nearing 7 billion... Everywhere is owned by a country, there is no place that is free of government or society, or if there is, it is a well kept secret and it will probably not remain the way it is for very long. To answer your question... The closest you can get is to head to some island out in the sticks somewhere, or buy some land and start a colony, or rough it out in Alaska. The problem is, the comfortable like you enjoy now will be shattered. You can go somewhere far away and very different like a Buddhist monastery in Nepal or Tibet, but there will be people.

    In this post I have VERY BRIEFLY skimmed over JUST A FEW of the issues we are faced with. There are likely thousands, if not millions more issues like this. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, animal cruelty, the starving children in Africa, atomic weapons. The list goes on, and on, and on.... But the bottom line is that we NEED to do something. We can't be like bigtoker42 suggests we be. We can't sit back on our asses and make ourselves as comfortable until we die. We need to do the right thing, we need to make the best decisions for everyone, we need to spread the message of love and hope and courage and realism and freedom and questioning things to everyone and live it out everyday.

    PLEASE. Just do something. Make a difference. You CAN. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Albert Einstein. Believe you can make a difference. Even if you fail, you at least have tried to make a positive difference. Maybe you inspired some little boy or girl who will one day grow up to legalize Marijuana, or do something equally commendable. Please. Please. Please. And goodbye. Thanks for reading, if anyone did.
  7. ^ what he said
  8. im down to excersize
    evvery resourse at my sidposald
    for this great endeavoour.
  9. I think we need to start coming together. We need to start making connections, and really DOING something. Luckily we live in a country where we are pretty free. Not only that, but our ideals are GOOD. Also, many of us can articulate them in a way that is logically undeniable. The way I see it, we do not need to have any sort of violent overthrow of society. Neither do we have to go off and live as some sort of fringe group. If we try to legitimitely put our ideals into action, through connections with other like-minded individuals, there is no reason it shouldn't work. If we start showing it works, then more and more people can get interested. Eventually, we can get some well known intellectual-types to get behind us. Eventually many people will be living in their own way, without directly going against society. At this point, the societal structures will be forced to fall away, all on their own.

  10. quite the optimist eh?
  11. Transcending societal constraints and limitations seems inevitable to me...
  12. if you're aware of how fucked up the culture is, you're probably mostly immune to it. it ain't all bad, but it mostly is. it may be better to stay within it and try to affect a change than to shut it off and leave... i suppose it depends on ambition.

    if you are critical of culture i see no reason you can't continue to live within it unless it offends you greatly. i'm pretty offended by the capitalist culture where i am, but i can't fully abandon it because it seems evident that (to paraphrase Ron White) "you can't fix stupid." culture is run by the stupid people sometimes, but those people will always exist.
  13. It's all about how you feel on the inside. I know it sounds cliche but it can have a tremendous effect on how you see what's on the outside. I used to feel similarly, but we as a species have also done some pretty freakin' cool shit.

    Don't lose your faith in humanity man, there are tons of good people out there (I'm an elementary school teacher, I'm trying to breed a new gen of selfless peaceful people!) who do awesome things every day. Focus on that as oppose to what you get fed from TV and the internet (news wise anyway).

    Also, go watch Game of Thrones. That show is sweet.
  14. It cant be fixed But some have the freedom & ability to at least Grant themselves immunity....... as difficult as that may be sometimes.

  15. Congrats my friend. you have awoken. i have been awake myself for a few years ...just remember that what u feel is true. and never give in to what society wants us to be...a slave to it.
  16. There have been many times I have wanted to be weaving baskets in the Amazon.. I have considered it very heavily in the past for real. That would only serve the self though, and in the end I decided my role, deal, whatever you want to call it, was to finish school. Im glad I did that everyday.

    All you can do is live by example and try to make a difference in your slice of the world....like the quote up there said...Your good will have to be good enough.

    At least youre awake! Go help others achieve it.
  17. find god find yourself find your purpose
  18. I, personally, think the legalization of marijuana (if it ever happens) will be a turning point in the country. When you're baked it's not hard to realize all the ABSOLUTE bullshit.

    That and why isn't voting just based on majority votes? Whats with the electoral college shit where u jus gotta win like 5 states to win the vote?

    Makes no fuckin sense to me. (example: al gore wins majority, bush wins presidency [i think])
  19. We must be the change we seek. Gandhi
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    I stopped after that because you make your point clear pretty quickly lol.

    All I have to say is bigtoker was verging on some buddhist philosophy and there's nothing wrong with it lol.

    There are two routes to apparent happiness in this world, one through all kinds of accomplishments and successes and desires fulfilled (be it for wisdom or progress towards immortality lol).

    And the other is a kind that can be found in any context, no matter who you are, where you are, or what your life situation is, there's always an internal happiness that can be found (usually through contemplation, meditation, philosophical inquiry, and psychedelics lol). In this case the only thing stopping you from bliss is your own mind, not society.

    This second kind of happiness is very similar to an earlier post someone made:

    Words of wisdom :D

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