How to Educate a Non-Smoker

Discussion in 'General' started by earthwindfire, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So i just thought about all my friends who dont smoke and how foreign weed is to them. For example remeber ur first time smoking? I remeber mine it was 4th of july my friend said he had a couple of little nugs left i had no clue what that was i though oh thats the part u smoke and they walked me through taking a hit but the smell, the feeling it was all so new i didnt even know what being "high" was like.

    So long story short how would you approach someone who only knows about weed from the videos in grade school?

    What would you tell them/ show them. I would love for some of my friends to see how much safer it is than drinking ur self to oblivion any thoughs blades?

    Oh and sorry if this has already been posted but im really passonit about this and want some fresh awnsers:smoke:
  2. Man I'm tired. I read that as "eradicate" instead of "educate" and was like, "You want to kill them?".
  3. lol isn't that another thread?

  4. Only after I read this
  5. I'd tell them to smoke it themselves and form their own opinion. You can't exactly describe what being high is like. I'd just tell them to forget everything they were taught by DARE.
  6. You dont talk to them. You get them high, and never take no for an answer. Lock them in a room and blow smoke at them. If they try to leave, beat their ass until they become a stoner.
  7. id roll up a j and be like here is all you need to know...
  8. that acually works.funny story me and this kid i used to work with went to get lunch when i drove back i rolled up a joint(we had chipotle and i thought it would only be fair to smoke him up dont want a tummy ache at work)so i pull out my grinder he was like nice contianer thing i thought he was being sarcasti. so i light up the j and hes like wow this doent really taste like anything and then i find out hes only smoked cigars not even ciggs and thats the first time he somked hes 22 and were about to go back to work lol i had to work down a panic attack in my own head cause i just smoked someone up for the first time 15 min before returning to work haha really gives a knew meaning to expect the unexpected

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