How to dry water cured buds?

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  1. Im on day 7 of water curing and I need to dry the buds in a practical manner. Any ideas? what can I use to dry them efficiently?
  2. I jsut water cured my last harvest, I used a food dehydrator, worked like a charm and inexpensive. Why did you decide to water cure? (curious)
  3. Not to thread jack (op if you would like I will delete and create my own post) but would you mind explaining what water curing is? I'm on my phone and can't use the search tool.
  4. water curing is a curing process that requires putting the buds, after harvest, into water. completely submerging them. And after 7 days they are completely flushed. downside is they dont have any taste, or smell - so the call water cured buds; stealth weed.
  5. Very interesting, thanks for the information. Learn something new everyday.
  6. I have hard of this before and at first I thought it was fake, an April fools joke but apparently people do this and since thats pretty much how you make hash this is just about the stupidest things I have ever herd

    put your buds in water and then dry them out that makes no sense at all, lol - I could see a 100%+ humidity environment or one of those ultrasonic water vaporizers but putting them into water is just dumb imo

    I got one for you, you eat lots of salad and stuff then about 30 min latter you throw it up into a bucket and add some water, ph it and add it to your plants they will love it!
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  7. Last year I water cured half of one plant and air dried/jar cured the other half.
    After seven days in water, I dried it in a food dehydrator and then put in jars.
    The only differences between the two halves were weight, smell and taste.
    Water cured weed loses more weight in curing. It doesn't smell like weed when you smoke it, so it is good for public consumption. The water cured is also ready to smoke right after it's dry.
    I still have some of each and after a year, the high is still the same between the water and jar cured.
  8. Should really read up a bit before you dismiss something that sounds odd.
    Here is a really good thread for more info on water curing
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    Water curing is a process in which you submerge cannabis after harvesting it in water for 7 days. You have to change the water daily. On day 7, you can start drying the marijuana. The purpose of water cure is to flush out all the stuff which you don't want to smoke like chlorophyll, chemicals, etc. In the process though, you also flush out the terpenes, which gives the weed its flavor and skunky smell. Neither of which really matter to me, I just like the THC crossing into my blood brain barrier. The advantages of water curing is that is fast, leaves no smell, and the THC and other cannabinoids concentrate better, leaving you with cannabis that packs more punch per bowl. Its much stronger weed, I think its about 50% stronger than air cured buds if I remember correctly. Also its only 7 days compared to air/jar curing which takes about a month (in some cases more) and has more chance of mold developing (mold cannot grow underwater).
  10. I know what it is, I said in my post that I have herd of this before but thought it was fake - I know about it but again it makes no sense

    if you just want the THC then make keef or hash, you could have that in 7 days or less so 7 days of underwater then like 1-2 weeks of drying it out takes way longer

    but there are many useful other things in weed like the CBD's and like 83 other things that were just discovered when the genome was mapped, finding more useful things about the plant all the time

    also who cures there weed for a month, I have tried that and it just doesent taste that good after that compared to fresh 2 week old stuff dried properly in a filtered box with controlled humidity

    and who is worried about mold growing on there weed while its drying, just get a proper filter hepa maybe and control the humidity correctly in a clean room and you are all set

    if you are changing the water every day you are flushing out lots of THC that is in the water from the outside of the plant - all this makes no sense to me, I talked about this with my friends one of which has a phd in botany and they all think its stupid to do

    we understand it but it makes no sense because again if you only want THC then make keef or hash
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    THC is hydrophobic. Your botanist friend should have known that and corrected you so that false information isn't being spread.
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  12. Hon, it works!

    You are left with some of the ugliest-looking, flavorless pot, but it smokes VERY smoothly.:smoke: Water curing is good for unflushed pot, or if it has an "off" flavor (I don't care for the taste of some of the "diesels", for an example). Water curing does NOT "fix" moldy pot! If your pot is moldy, just toss it! :(

    THC is not water soluble, and if done with a bit of care, you will not knock off many trichs when you change the water each day. :)

    I have dried my water-cured cannabis on a raised screen with a fan blowing on it. On top of the refrigerator, or other high spot, takes advantage of the way heat rises.

    Granny :wave:
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