How to dry out the budd?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LakaiDude89, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. i was wondering how you dry out the budd after it has grown on the plant. im a begginer and i really dont know much about growing yet.
  2. Hang it upside down in a cool dark place prolly 4 abot a week or a lil less
  3. There's different ways. Basically just depends on personal preferance. Some hang the whole plant, individual branches, or even individual nuggets placed on a screen or some other sort of mesh/drying net. If you hang the whole plant, or even on individual branches, your bud will take longer to dry because the branches still contain moisture and will act like they are trying to stay alive. All of this must take place in a cool dark place like the man above stated. Also, low humidity and a fan blowing on them should be considered for the risk of mold. Can take anywhere from about 4 days to a week. After this, some people will place all of the buds into a paper sack for a few more days to bring out the last bit of moisture before the jar cure. This is where you place all of your buds in an air-tight jar from anywhere from months, to years (some people pull this off, I don't have patience). Curing is supposed to bring out the more pyscoactive chemicals in the bud, and make the smell and the taste of the bud more prominent, generally increasing bag appeal.

    Drying and curing can be a process. I've never had the patience for a full-on jar cure so I can't really document the difference. But always be patient enough to let your bud dry naturally, without being lazy/impatient and tossing it in a food dehydrator or for god's sake a microwave.

    Normally I wouldn't type all that up and I would say use the classic search button, but, I'm bored.
  4. I hang my plants upside down in my garden shed. It is darkish, but not too cool. For about 5 - 7 days.
  5. I was going to hang mine in the back room of my chicken coop, however it is not dark and it isn't to cool out the. It doen't get any direct light just what comes in from the other room Its like dusk in there is that good enough. If not I am going to have to think about where I can hang them. I may have to dry it by the buds instead of the whole plant.
  6. Dusk is fine.
  7. could you do it in the attic? its kinda hot up there though.
  8. I never have an exactly COOL place. But I do OK.

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