How to dry bong/water pipe

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  1. I just got a bong or water pipe. Im not sure which it is. The stem and bowl are one piece and it has a hole to clear it, so I dont know if that makes it not a bong. Its made by roor. I was wondering if there is a way to dry it, or if it can be stored damp. I have to hide everything I have, so I keep it wrapped in bubble wrap and in an amp. I want to use water in it, but I cant just leave it out on my desk to dry. Is there a way to silently or discretely dry it?

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  2. A few years ago I lived in the dorms and had a bong that I kept at a friends house for when I moved out of the dorms. We would only use it when I was there (for fear by my friend it would break otherwise). After we were done smoking out of it we would empty it and put it into the box with bubble wrap.
    I don't know if that is necessarily the smartest thing to do, but I mean I always gave it a quick rinse before using it again and I never ran into any problems. 
  3. Okay, Ill try that. I just know that smoking mold or inhaling it can really mess you up
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    No need to empty it or dry it. Just leave the water in and make sure it doesn't spill wherever you hide it.
    Check it for mold before you smoke, if you must, but that's not really a big concern.
    I have left water in a bong for 8 months at a time, and never had any problems.
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    Put it in the oven.
    EDIT: Set to 400 let it sit for 3-5 minutes after you've dumped the water out.
  6. Just dump it out, the water that's left is ok.  Also that is definitely not made by Roor.
  7. This sounds like an easy way to crack glass.
  8. That bong isn't made by roor

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  9. you can leave the water in there, jjust dont curse too loudly if you tip it over lol mold on a bong takes a loong time and some adverse conditions to form, youll be ok!!
  10. Just modify the protection so it can breathe, dump the water out, let evaporation do the rest.

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