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How to determine when to START flushing based on Trichome appearance?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Shiva Blaster, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi GC :)

    I'm 6 weeks into flower on my first grow and trying to plan my harvest. I've read all the amazing stickies regarding when to harvest, and will be watching trichomes as well as the other signs of peak ripeness that SpruceZeus mentions in his sticky. I just picked up a 30-50x handheld scope today and I'm going to have a look at all my plants tonight as soon as the lights come on.

    I am under 600W HPS, in Promix, using GH Maxibloom and Koolbloom (liquid and dry) in a modified Lucas grow, and I'm growing Nirvana White Widow and Northern Lights. I am planning on doing a 2 week flush with straight RO water, but I have no idea how my plants/trich's will look in 2 weeks! The color of the hairs vary greatly from plant to plant (some plants are 100% white still, some are 75% red already), so I'm ignoring them altogether and want to plan my flush based on what the trichomes tell me tonight.

    I haven't found much helpful information on judging when the START flushing based on trichomes. I know it will vary according to strain and environement, but how long does it take a trichome to go from milky to amber in color? Will they stay milky for weeks or do they progress quickly? If I wanted to harvest at say, 10% amber and 90% cloudy, would I start my 2 week flush at the first sign of cloudy trichs, or later when the trichs are all cloudy?

    If any experienced growers could shed some light on these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it and will toss around the +rep like confetti! :)

  2. Anyone? I could really use some help here at this vital stage :)
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've actually already ready that, and it doesnt answer my question about when to start flushing based on trich appearance or how fast the progression from cloudy to amber is.
  4. I had the same problem my first grow. The thing is - it is really hard to tell someone. It really takes going through it a few times.

    However - what I do - when I see the first bit of amber, looking at the trics from the SIDE, and if the hairs are nice an orange and have receeded, I begin to flush. I use Gen Hydro flush stuff (sorry can't remember the name right now) and it seems to flush faster. I can get a good flush in three days and a GREAT flush in a week.

    Don't worry about dying leaves and don't worry about getting all of this right the first time or two. We are all still learning. I learn a little each grow.
  5. Very helpful, thanks! Will give rep when in front of my computer, can't seem to from my phone. If you flush at first sight of amber, approx what percentage of amber would you end up with after a week of flushing? If I am looking for a max of 25% amber at harvest, and doing a 10-14 day flush, when would you suggest I start flushing? All cloudy?
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  6. Id say wait for the slightest change to amber and begin the flush
  7. Both Jorge Cervantes and the other book i read says if you are using soil.. 2 weeks prior to harvest with water only. Hydro can be a week or so
  8. [quote name='"DrummerMark"']Both Jorge Cervantes and the other book i read says if you are using soil.. 2 weeks prior to harvest with water only. Hydro can be a week or so[/quote]

    You obviously didn't read the question or my post. I am aware that I need to flush for 2 weeks, my question is how do you judge when a plant is 2 weeks from harvest based on trichome appearance.
  9. Nope your right, was trying to catch the highlights of your long post. My bad! Based on the amount of time you are flowering for, it seems that my trichs changed about 3-5% per week for the first 4 weeks and then about 12-15% for the last 3 weeks. Based on me wanting a 60/40 cloudy/clear trichs, I started flushing when the trichs were a little less than 50% cloudy
  10. Awesome, thanks for the detailed info! It will obviously vary according to strain and conditions, but this at least gives me some idea. I am looking for about 75% cloudy, 25 % amber so I'll likely begin my flush when all cloudy or at the first sight of amber.

    Thanks for the help!
  11. Just wanted to say good luck with the harvest!

    When to harvest and flush is one of those things that all of us are always learning about and improving on.
  12. [quote name='"Marsdude"']Just wanted to say good luck with the harvest!

    When to harvest and flush is one of those things that all of us are always learning about and improving on.[/quote]

    Cheers Marsdude, thanks! Experience is definitely an asset in these matters, but i don't know where I'd be without GC! I flushed two of my northern lights last night (at 45 days flower) and will be flushing my white widow later on as it looks like they will be a 10-11 week strain. I wanted to flush a little earlier rather than later as I'm going for quality and a nice smooth smoke. Only time will tell if I judged it right. :)
  13. Let us know how it goes.
  14. Will do for sure. I'll be updating my journal regularly, link is in my sig if anyone cares to follow along. :)
  15. Thanks for posting this question and many thanks for the responses.I'm also in that critical stage..with my critical kush (lol sorry) and it's my first indoor controlled grow


  16. I hate that shit too. You ask a specific question and people regurgitate general info. I am also wondering this very question.

    My trichs are now about 85% milky 15 % clear and a few are starting to bend over slightly. I would want to feed as long as possible to gain some more weight yet I need a flush 10 to 14 days before harvest. I am wanting about 2/3 milky and 1/3 amber at the end. I have no idea what strain - just high-grade mystery bagseed. I am guessing it is mostly indica based on appearance. It has only been 39 days since 12/12. However, I vegetative grew these under 18/6 for 90 days due to delays in flower room construction - just kept topping the crap out of them. Anyways, they had loads of 3/4" pistils from the pre-flowers before they ever went into 12/12 so I guess they had a head-start.

    So, with most indica strains, how long does it take to go from the very first amber noticed to 1/3 of the trich turning amber? If I have 85% cloudy already should I stop feeding immediately?

    Now another question, will those trichs continue to turn amber a few days after harvest or does it stop immediately?
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    80% of the pistils are receding and Fully-formed and turning slightly cloudy or milky trichomes is when i start flushing most of my mostly-indica plants..I flush for 10 days in DWC then check trichs again..if the trichs cloudy/amber percentage is at what u want, go ahead and harvest..if its needs a little more time, then continue feeding it with just PHed water till its ready. Personally, im still trying to figure out the high i like the most so im currently experimenting on harvest times.

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