How to cure buds?

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  1. Some guy told me to cure my weed
    It's leafy and freshly green

    how do
  2. A band aid should fix her right up.
  3. Just stick it in a mason jar dude.:cool:

  4. What are you stupid?
    You have to at least put some Neosporin on it first. You don't want infected weed. :smoking:
  5. You could try weed edibles, I heard thc is an anti-carcinogen.

    To cure weed just put it in a jar. Is it dry? If not ya gotta dry it first.
  6. can somebody explain what curing is

    and the weed is not dry

    why would I put it in a jar

    someone wise please explain

  7. Okay, when you harvest your buds, you have to dry them first. So go to a dry room, and hang them on a line of string upside down so the stem is at the top side. Let that sit for however many weeks until it feels sticky but still dry, like a dank pickup would feel. So then once they're dry stick them in a mason jar to be cured. What curing pretty much does is for that short while that they're gonna be in a jar for, it's going to empty out any extra moisture and make it more potent, I don't know how to fully explain it. But yeah, after curing your bud's ready to be sold.
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    Dude I saw that shit go down.. I thought you were joking when you asked. :D

    (he got some m39 and its still moist and someone said for him to cure it)

    shove that stuff into a mason jar and don't touch it for 2 that lid once in between those 2 weeks.. thats curing.. :smoking:
  9. In soviet russia, you cure bud.
  10. No.. you mean in soviet russia, bud cures you!

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