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how to cure bud in 3 days?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by boombiddy, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. what if the bud you bought was cured but not to your liking. is it possible to cure it out a little more in 3 days?

    i'm a noob when it comes to weed harvesting and processing

  2. All kinds of ways to dry the stuff out to the smokeable stage fairly rapid. Stick in a brown paper sack or lay it out on the counter for a few days with a fan blowing on it. Now this do not apply to the anal retentive types who dry it out over a period of months years decades etc. The flame off a Bic hovering over a mess of wet bud in a corn cob pipe works too:D

  3. sweet just what I needed
  4. You can pop it in a mason jar, and burp it every day. You can put it in water (make sure it stays submerged) and empty water at the end of the day, repeat each day, or use the cfl method.

    Thats for drying the bud..he wants to know about curing..
  5. you can cure bud by submerging it in water? can you explain how that cures the bud?
  6. It gets rid of everything water soluble, and cannabinoids arent, so basicly the smell and taste is lost, but it still gets you high. Curing in a liquid works faster than curing in a gas, i'm not exactly sure why though. A 7 day water cure is about as good as a 1-2 month air cure.
  7. Not the best (as it was put "anal 5 year 50 step cure" or however it was said) cure but one of the fastest dry and cure combos out there.
    Dry ice.
    Get a 9lb block of dry ice and set your buds on top of it and try to keep it cold (outside, freezer, etc..) and when the dry ice has evaporated away you should have smokable buds without the fast dry harshness of heat and no extra chlorophyll flavor. I find this to have been one of the tasty fast dry methods because it helps to rid the buds of chlorophyll and other starches and smoothes it out (what "anal" curing does) while removing water speedily.

    I also figured out something else about dry ice. It should not be too relevant for growers of their own smoke, but for people who buy it will find this usefull if they ever get a sac of "dryer sheet weed" or "perfume laden smoke" as often happens when it is transported over great distances by people who do not care because they are not smoking it, just concealing it with fragrance in order to insure getting it to the point of payment. many years back I was growing and using dry ice to give my plants co2. I was buying a 9lb block a day for a closet grow! At $9 a day, you do the math. Anyway, I had a friend go get my dry ice for me and he came back with 2 blocks so I tried to keep the extra one in the freezer being that it was pointless to put 2 in the closet (the reason I bought it daily and one at a time).
    Anyway I had gotten a sac of buds a day earlier that tasted like straight dryer sheets. Fuckin Yuck. I was willing to try anything to get rid of that flavor. I thought of how dry ice evaporates and decided to put the buds on top of the dry ice block. Needless to say I had some tasty smoke after that with only a minor minor hint of dryer sheet (it used to taste almost soapy before, that is how strong it was). I was very pleased and tried that everytime after that I got perfumed weed in the future and it worked. Needless to say that that will never happen to me again.

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