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How to cover smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mister 420, May 8, 2011.

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    I keep my stash in a zip lock bag in a bookbag in my closet. I usually have around an ounce in there, but the closet is starting to smell. What's the best thing to put your weed in without the smell? Mason Jars?, what else?
  2. I use a mason jar to keep my bud from smelling at all.

    You could also get one of these

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  3. ya dude mason jars work the best but if you need something quick around the house look for some tupperware then when you have a mason jar in possession, put it in there.

    tupperware works very well, just beware when you open it up. no smell while it's closed but i feel like once it's opened the smell just becomes a million times worse (in a good way though).
  4. smoke it all at once!
    mason jars ftw
  5. Anything glass works well.
  6. mason jar fo sho mane we picked up a few from walmart the other day. 2 bucks for medium sized mason jar
  7. Tupperware!

    Its not as airtight as a mason jar but it covers the smell and there is no risk of breaking your jar on accident
  8. Just use a mason jar
  9. Take this shit to apprentice tokers.

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