How to correctly measure your penis?

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  1. Do you measure at the top, or at the side. Also, I've been told to press down on your skin while measuring. Is that more accurate, or do you just put the ruler/measuring tape at the skin?
  2. Whichever way makes it seem the biggest. Times two.
  3. There are already a few thread on this.

    Everyone knows you go from the tail bone. It's the penis root and it counts too
  4. I think the more fundamental question is why do you need a specific measurement? Are people really gonna think differently of you if you find out your pepe is only 6 inches when you bragged that it was 7.5-8?
  5. You don't measure it your ego does.
  6. Stick it down a chicks throat and if she chokes you are good.

  7. No it's just out of curiosity really, and so I can see how I stack up against the rest of the world.
  8. ((L x d) + (w/G)) / ( ∠∝t²)

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  9. Well we alraedy know that black people are the largest, then white people, then asians.

    Are you black/white/asian?

    or hispanic :eek:
  10. I'm half Asian and I'm 8.5x6
  11. I'm black,

    Found out how to measure no thanks to anyone here. Apparently you measure from the top and you can either push down on your pubic bone, or just rest the ruler there. I'm 6 1/2 inches without pushing down on my pubic bone, and 7 inches if i do. My girth is 5.5 inches. Girls on average like girth more than length.
  12. hahaha
  13. this is very accurate
  14. Measure like a cat's tail; from your asshole to the tip.
  15. This, or for the absolute longest measurement if you care so much, do us a favor and instead of making another Penis thread, cut yours into strips and lay them end to end, you should get 6 feet or so.

  16. Thank god someone posted this. Read the thread title and immediately thought about it.

    I can just see OP driving a hummer. "My shiz PACKIN MAYN!" hahaha
  17. You gotta cut it down and count the rings.
  18. "we wan our mas to stahp trippin mayne"
  19. You just made me blow my whole bowl out.

  20. I laughed my ass off from this too hahah.:bongin:

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