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How to cope with being out of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fitftw, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. What's wrong with being sober?
  2. [quote name='"broman"']What's wrong with being sober?[/quote]


    Naw, its just that there are times where its late at night, you don't feel like hanging out, and you wanna feel a little funny.
  3. #23 fitftw, Mar 23, 2012
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    That's every night for me. I don't have friends, I'm pretty agoraphobic actually, people freak me out, life freaks me out, everything is batshit weird to me. I need weed to handle this life.

    Why's it a bad thing to be addicted mentally to weed? Seriously? The shit grows in nature like a vegetable. What's the problem?

    If someone's addicted to eggplant and bitches when they have no eggplant, do you tell them there's a life outside eggplant? No, you don't give a fuck because it's food. Well, weed is no fucking different than food. It sustains my sanity, or whatever's left of it.

    Hopefully my guy picks up today. If not, I have to get the same bullshit I got last time from my backup guy. Shit was dry as fuck after the first time I opened the bag.
  4. damn it's weed not crack, I went from smoking everyday to having none at all for 2 months and I didn't have to "cope" with anything.
  5. #26 fitftw, Mar 23, 2012
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    Funny, I thought a forum like this would consist of daily smokers. Apparently everyone here is on a fucking break from the shit. Can someone point me in the direction of a weed forum where people actually smoke weed? Maybe a weed addiction forum? Jesus fucking christ.

    I'd consider almost all of you to be social smokers. How many of you smoke by yourself, every time?

    This place reminds me of those people who go drinking on Friday or Saturday, and during the week they don't touch the shit. Well FUCK THAT.
  6. Maybe the people on this forum know how to handle their shit when they're dry?
  7. #28 fitftw, Mar 23, 2012
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    I can handle it, I just don't fucking LIKE IT. And when I don't LIKE something, I fucking EXPRESS IT.

    I'm more pissed off that it's still illegal than the fact that I'm dry. Why? Because I would never be dry if it was legal. It makes me want to destroy every liquor store in the country so drinkers could understand what smokers go through.
  8. Wow, aren't you guys all so superior. He's looking for advice on what to so when he has no herb. This is a forum about talking about herb. At least it used to be. Lately it's just a contest to see who can make the biggest asshole comment or troll thread.

    OP sounds like you are into the ritual as well as the high. Do other things that involve rituals such as making tea or coffee then drinking it.

    I also suggest you learn to make qwiso with your wasted stems or leaves so you have a lil something to dip into during the gaps between pick ups.
  9. Well your expression is loud and clear and this here's a list of things you can do to avert your attention from your weed craving.

    1.) Be among friends (who might have weed)
    2.) Exercise
    3.) Learn a new skill whether it be artistic, survival, skeet shootin' shit there's plenty to be learned.
    4.) Read a damn book
    I'm sorry you feel you NEED weed in order for life to be enjoyable,
    but tbh being sober can do you a world of good when you've been on a 5 year binge. jussayin'
  10. #31 fitftw, Mar 23, 2012
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    I don't enjoy reading except magazines about cars. Books are boring as fuck to me, and the only reason I ever read any books was for school. The fuck can a book do that a movie, tv show or videogame can't? Not a lot. I did just buy a book actually called Malignant Narcissism but that was a mistake because I fucking knew I wouldn't read it lol.

    Maybe I would, if I was high.
  11. Exercise? The mans first post explains that he likes to smoke after he gets home from the gym. Exercising again would be...weird. Lol...

    p.s. Leroy, best F'ing name on GC.

    p.p.s. being high and reading a good book is the best thing ever. Like watching a movie in your head.

  12. Well...
    Books can do a number of good things for the human brain,
    It expands your mind, expands your vocabulary, you learn valuable life lessons, you learn of civilizations before our time,
    there's a lot of positive things books can do for you but you've made it clear reading isn't your cup of tea so I'll stop pressing it on you.
  13. Thank you for the compliment walter:smoke:
  14. lol this NEVER gets old

    [ame=]Leeroy Jenkins - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Sorry you're dry!
    When you get some, though, you should get a little more than normal and roll a couple j's to stash and forget about. Nothing like finding some you hid from yourself when you think you're out!!
  16. Do your self a favor and never try real drugs. Youd be fucked
  17. I've done X and coke a handful of times each. Wasn't hard to stop, because I'm good about hard drugs and not being addicted to them.

    Pot though, is damn near harmless except for lung problems (I run every day to offset that,) so it was easy for me to fall in love with and get addicted to.
  18. Like Whip Wap! said but make sure your super baked when you stash it and place it in new stash spot. this way once your out you have the searching to keep your mind pre-occupied. Being as big of a stoner as you imply you'll likely spend your whole dry spell looking but that's ok I have a feeling the act of copping makes you feel warm and fuzzy too.

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