how to cool 1000w hps in a 4x4 closet

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  1. Hey, I have a 1000w in a small space the heat is crazy, but its in the middle of my house i can have access to the attic and vents on the roof, my ballast is nothing fancy actually just hung with wire and the ignitor beside it but its cooking in there i ahve the door open with fans but ineed to close the door for 24 hrs light, Any simple cheap ideas ? THANX:smoking:
  2. Have you tried an exhaust fan or portable A/C?
  3. Sounds dangerous, I'd go for a smaller light, or a bigger space.
  4. You need a smaller light man, I dont know if it is possible to cool down a 1000w in a closet that small to a tolerable level, deffinately not cheaply at least. You need more like a 400w.
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    isnt as hard as some think, put a sheet ofglass between your plants and light (adjustable height)

    where yourlight is above the glass have a line ofcomputer fans on either side, about 3 on each side, one letting air in and air out.

    then below the pane of glass mount some fans blowing down into your plants.

    basicly this makes a cooltube appart from you can have standard reflectors.

    its alot of hard work to make because you basicly have to make the fans into a sheet of wood which can slide up and down along side your pane of glass.

    1000W is overkill for the size because of the heat it generates, but if you can vent the heat then it would makeyou have some fat ass plants :)
  6. First off...there is no such thing as "too much light"

    I grew in a 6x6 closet with 2x1000 watt lights for a couple years.

    Heat removal can be done though.

    First off, you need an air-cooled light with a in-line CFM fan with a rating of 160CFM or higher, & some 4in. or 6in. duct tubing depending on the size of the in-line fan.

    Attach the tubing to the light, & the other end to the fan. Add some more duct tubing on the end of the fan, & since you have access to your attic, drill a 4in. or 6in. hole into your attic with a hole saw, & feed the tubing into the hole.

    The fan will pull off all heat from the light & disperse it into the attic.

    When I did this it actually cut down on my heat bill in the winter.
  7. i just build a 4 by 4 by 7 grow box for my a 465cfm hydrofarm exhaust, plus a 240cfm booster fan on my air cooled tube style reflector.....1 16" oscillating fan in the a small a/c on MEDIUM venting cold air in the bottom of the box.....and it can still get to 35*C on a hot day...couple of my higher leaves curled under a bit, heat stress i think...????.....clearly i should have made my box 6 by 6 or something but it'll do for now.....a portable a/c would be ideal.....but just venting in the attic would be worth while...........good luck...

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