How to conserve weed in a pipe?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze4Dayyz, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hey.
    So I thought I was all outta bud and I went to my stash to try and scrape some resin off my piece and I found out I still had a bowls worth of weed (SOOOO Happy!) anyways I want to make the most out of this. I have 1 bowls worth of weed and some resin on top. My options for smoking it right now are my glass piece or my metal one with no carb.

    How should I get the most out of this bud and which piece should I use?

  2. whenever you take a hit, try to ghost it, hold in the smoke for atleast a minute till there is no smoke when you exhale. this will save you some hits and get you pretty high toke up my ***** :smoking:
  3. Corner the bowl meaning when you go to hit it hit the side of the bowl so you have more then one green hit because they get you higher. Or just do snaps when you pack only enough for one hit at a time.
  4. just take one hit at a time
  5. Corner or get a vaporizer for the best way to hit your shit.
  6. thats hit. all your doing is suffocating your brain

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